Eat quail eggs often to strengthen the brain and protect eyesight


Eat quail eggs often to strengthen the brain and protect eyesight

The office workers use too much brainpower. In order to supplement their brains, many people will choose to eat this pill often, that vegetarian.

In fact, with spending so much money on “chemical food”, it is better to eat a few quail eggs every day. This is a natural “bunao pill”.

  Quail eggs can be said to be the best supplement for mental workers.

Professor Chai Ruizhen, Honorary President of the Chinese Modern Medical Association, has a special preference for quail eggs. “I usually eat quail eggs more often than eggs. Although the protein in quail eggs is small, it is comparable to eggs, but the ratio of lecithin and brain phospholipid in itEggs are 3 feet higher?
Four times, these two substances are nutrients that are not ingested by advanced nerve activities. They are often eaten to strengthen the brain and supplement the brain.

  Moreover, riboflavin content in quail eggs is also 2 in eggs.

5 times, it also has a good protective effect on the eyesight of the office workers who are facing the computer all day.

Because the nutritional molecules in quail eggs are smaller, they are easier to absorb and use than eggs.

  The reason why quail eggs are better than tonic pills is also because the vitamin D content in quail eggs is higher, which is unmatched by other poultry eggs.

Researchers from the University of Manchester in England tested more than 3,000 men in eight European cities and found that people with high vitamin D levels performed better on tests of brain memory and information processing.

  The cholesterol of quail eggs is not high. Research data show that the cholesterol content of quail eggs per hundred grams is 515 mg, and that of eggs is 585 mg. The cholesterol of quail eggs is lower than that of eggs.

Many people reduce the volume of egg yolk because of plasma problems. In fact, in addition to the phospholipid-containing starch, egg yolk is also rich in lecithin. Instead, it can emulsify plasma and trace amounts of blood into the blood vessel wall and directly for tissue use.Fine particles, so the concentration of blood plasma will not generally increase after eating egg yolk.

In terms of cooking methods, it has never been quail eggs or eggs. It is best to eat them in a steamed or boiled manner. The digestion and absorption rate can basically reach 100%.