[How to make seafood pizza in New Orleans]_Home Orientation of Seafood Pizza in New Orleans_How to Make Seafood Pizza in New Orleans_How to Make Seafood Pizza in New Orleans

[How to make seafood pizza in New Orleans]_Home Orientation of Seafood Pizza in New Orleans_How to Make Seafood Pizza in New Orleans_How to Make Seafood Pizza in New Orleans

For animals, eating is a verb.

For us humans, this can be done in two ways.

There are many aspects to eating, both delicious and good for the body.

And if you can do it yourself, both will be satisfied.

Let me introduce you to the New Orleans Seafood Pizza.


Marinate various types of seafood with the delicious New Orleans grilled wing sauce for 5 minutes, and then fry in a pan for use.


Spread the delicious tomato sauce on the pizza germ, sprinkle with the crushed cheese, and add the fried seafood. Bake at 200 ° C for 10 minutes until the cheese is completely melted.


Finally, sprinkle with chopped tomatoes and chopped parsley.

Now you can believe it. The double world of women in the kitchen, the man can also show his skills.

Men go to the kitchen to make New Orleans seafood pizza

[How to make potatoes, shallots, and salmon]_ Common practice of potatoes, shallots, and salmon _ Potatoes, shallots, and salmon

[How to make potatoes, shallots, and salmon]_ Common practice of potatoes, shallots, and salmon _ Potatoes, shallots, and salmon

It is now entering the early autumn season, so making some delicious dishes at this time, and supplementing the family with nutrition will have very good results.

Today, I will introduce a sample of potato, shallot and salmon suitable for autumn supplement.


1 Salmon is cut into diced cubes, vegetables and green onions are cut diagonally.


212 potatoes are cooked until the flour starts.

In my house, throw the water in after boiling and keep boiling for about 13 minutes.


Smash 1 scoop in the pan, melt and heat, and fry the shallots until soft.

Give a small amount of salt.

Stand up and set aside.


Just fry the shallots, fry the salmon, drizzle 1 spoon of lemon juice, add a small amount of salt and pepper.

After the surface is discolored, stand up and set aside.


Peel the cooked potatoes and cut into thin slices.


In a small bowl, give 1 tablespoon of butter and stir into the crumbs after melting.


Then stir in dill, rosemary and a pinch of salt, pepper.


Mix the cooking cream with 1 scoop of yellow mustard.

Yellow mustard must be mixed thoroughly, or else it will be fruitless . 9.

Take a suitable size baking pan, pour a little bit of cream from step 8 first, and place a layer of potato chips.


Spread a layer of the breadcrumbs from step 6 and cover with the green onions and salmon fried in steps 3 and 4.


Drizzle with cream, spread potatoes, breadcrumbs, scallions, and salmon.

Put a layer of potato chips on top, drizzle all the cream, and sprinkle the remaining crumbs.

Take a spoonful of butter, cut into small cubes, and sprinkle evenly.

Put in a preheated oven, 180 degrees, about 25 minutes.

Although this dish such as potato, green onion and salmon is easy to make, if you have never cooked, you may wish to ask your elders, and under the guidance of the elders, you will definitely be able to complete better.

5GETF scale exceeds 7 billion to become the largest technology ETF

5GETF scale exceeds 7 billion to become the largest technology ETF

In recent days, the market has rushed higher and lowered, and a large amount of funds have been used to adjust the low level to continue to sweep the goods, and technology ETFs have become the first choice for fundraising.

Wind data shows that on December 27, 5GETF net purchases reached 7.

200 million yuan, with a turnover of 7.

500 million yuan.

With the continuous influx of funds, the scale of 5GETF reached a new high, reaching 70.

8.8 billion yuan.

The scale of more than 5GETF exceeded US $ 7 billion, and it has also been promoted to the largest technology ETF.

Since the listing of 10 yuan on the 16th, the scale of 5GETF has increased by nearly 3 billion, of which the scale has increased by more than 2 billion since December.

  5G is becoming one of the most popular outlets and the most certain investment opportunities in the market.

The “China 5G Economic Report 2020” released on December 13 predicts that the total 5G investment scale will reach approximately 900 billion by 2020, and the number of 5G base stations will exceed 1 million next year.

The total investment scale will reach 1 in 2025.

5 trillion and 8 users.

16 billion.

Initial analysts said that through 5G business services “flying into the homes of ordinary people”, 5G-related concept stocks in the future will have long-term investment potential.

Although 5G investment opportunities are clear, it is not easy to seize them.

5G is still in the early stages of development, and the future is very variable, making it difficult for investors to predict accurately.

There are hundreds of companies related to the 5G industry chain, making it difficult for investors to focus.

At present, grasping the big logic through the layout of index products has become a strategy favored by funds.

  As the first domestic 5G themed ETF, 5GETF uses the CSI 5G Communication Theme Index as the tracking target. The index uses the stocks of listed companies related to products and services related to 5G communication technology as stocks. It is a representative index of 5G themes in the market and can reflect 5G.The overall performance of sector-related A-share listed companies.

5GETF can help investors realize a package of investment in multiple high-quality 5G concept stocks.

Moreover, 5GETF is not limited to certain industries, but will dynamically adjust according to the investment opportunities of the 5G industry chain, which will be transformed into the continuous promotion of 5G business, and more direct-benefit 5G-developed enterprises will be replaced by the index.The index fund has incorporated a positive layout and tracked investment opportunities, which can help investors who are uncertain about the pace of 5G investment opportunities in the industry chain to always focus on 5G investment 苏州夜网论坛 opportunities.

As a result, 5G not only created 41 during the subscription period.

The initial scale of US $ 5.3 billion has continued to receive funding attention since it went public on October 16, and its scale has continued to grow.

Huanxu Electronics (601231) Company Review: 2018 Expansion Year 2019 Welcomes Davis Double Click Possibility

Huanxu Electronics (601231) Company Review: 2018 Expansion Year 2019 Welcomes Davis Double Click Possibility

Event: Huanxu Electronics released its 2018 annual report on March 28, 2019, and realized actual operating income of 335.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 12 in ten years.

94%; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies11.

94 ppm, a 10-year increase of 10.


Affected by changes in fair value and changes in investment income, the company’s non-recurring gains and losses in 2018 were extended or even reduced, and attributed to the net profit of the parent11.

800 million, down 10 every year.

twenty one%.

  Comment: We firmly recommend the company and are optimistic about the company’s future platform value. The core competitiveness is prominent and continuously strengthened. The cooperation with Qualcomm will further enhance the company’s breakthrough in the SiP business and promote the main products-consumer electronics and communication products.——The development promotes the overall performance of the company.

“Expansion” in 2018 is smooth, with a clear and firm positioning, comprehensive and focused layout, and a solid foundation for breakthroughs in future development in 2019 and beyond; in cooperation with Qualcomm, the thinning and thinning of smartphones and the irreversible 5G trend have grown for the companyOpening up new growth space will reshape the estimation of the company’s industrial chain, optimistic about the company’s future growth, and strongly recommend!

  Consumer electronics and communications products account for about 70% of total revenue, and are expected to continue to expand in 2019.

In 2018, sales of consumer electronics and communications products accounted for 34 of total revenue, respectively.

83%, 35.

62%, of which consumer electronics revenue was 116.

870,000 yuan, an increase of 44 in ten years.

51%; communications products achieved revenue of 119.

52 ppm, a decrease of 11 from the same period last year.

48%, mainly due to the lower-than-expected expansion of smartphones, and decreased product replacement due to product replacement, so revenue declined.

With the advancement of SiP business in the areas of Qualcomm consumer electronics and communications, these two areas will continue to drive the company’s overall performance up.

  2018 is the first year of the company’s “expansion”. Through various layouts, 2019 will usher in new development potential.

Since the beginning of 2018, focusing on the company’s development strategy goals of “reorganization, diversification, and merger”, the company has successively announced joint ventures with American Qualcomm, joint ventures with Zhongke Shuguang, acquisitions of Polish plants, and investment in automotive industry funds.Case, Huizhou new plant investment case, Taiwan China and Mexico also started production expansion to promote the development of mobile phone SIP business, the development of SMT business, the expansion of production capacity, highlighting its layout plan, and laid the foundation for future development prospects.

  Looking forward to 2019, SiP in the field of consumer electronics and communications is the driving force for the company’s continued performance growth; cooperation with Qualcomm, facing the 5G future, will reshape the valuation of the company’s industrial chain.

The company has been deeply involved in the SiP industry for nearly 16 years, and has continuously consolidated its position as a global leader in SiP technology.

In 2018, we obtained the cooperation with Qualcomm for the SiP business, and further 南宁桑拿 breakthroughs and maturity of the technology in the future. The expansion of sales channels will only take time to verify.

The miniaturization of SiP packages and the advantages of modularization can play a great advantage in 5G. The thinness and thinness of smartphones, facing the irreversible trend of 5G, open up new growth space for the company and will reshape the value of the company’s industrial chain.

  Investment suggestion: The company’s expansion will be smooth in 2018, and the company’s fundamentals continue to improve. Based on the uncertainty of non-recurring profit and loss and the long-term realization of the layout, it is expected that the company’s net profit in 19-20 will be 40.


8 billion down to 13.


400 million, 21 years net profit 26.

300 million, maintain BUY rating.

  Risk Warning: 北京夜网 SiP Progress Is Less Than Expected, Smartphone Market Is Weak

Ansteel (000898) 2018 Annual Report Commentary: Long-term profit hits record highs and concerns plate demand driven by real estate post-cycle

Ansteel (000898) 2018 Annual Report Commentary: Long-term profit hits record highs and concerns plate demand driven by real estate post-cycle
The company’s 2018 revenue was 1051.5.7 billion, an increase of 14 in ten years.70%; net profit attributable to mother is 79.5.2 billion, an annual increase of 19.80%, performance is slightly lower than expected.The company acquired Chaoyang Iron and Steel in 2018, achieving a twin production and sales overall.We think that after the third quarter of this year, the completion of land completion projects will be released in a concentrated demonstration of probability, and the company’s plate product prices are expected to receive more support, and it is estimated that it is expected to recover.Take 0 in 2019.85 times PB estimate, given a target price of 6.44 yuan, the first coverage given “overweight” rating. The company’s performance was slightly lower than expected.The annual operating income in 2018 was 1051.5.7 billion, an increase of 14 in ten years.70%; net profit attributable to mother is 79.52 ppm, an 武汉夜网论坛 increase of 19 years.80%.In terms of profit distribution, it is proposed to distribute a cash dividend of 2 to every 10 shares of all shareholders of the company.2 yuan (including tax), the cash dividend amount is 15.At the same time, the company will use capital accumulation fund to transfer 3 shares for every 10 shares to all shareholders. The synergy effect of the acquisition of Chaoyang Iron and Steel showed a steady increase in production.After the acquisition of Chaoyang Iron and Steel, more than 200 high-quality production capacity were added. In 2018, the Group produced 2478 iron, steel and steel products.8 for the first time, 2615.5 Bulletin, 2413.1 Initially, the growth rate is 2 each year.66%, 5.12%, 5.twenty four%.Ansteel Headquarters, Bayuquan and Chaoyang coordinated and interacted with the three steel production bases and sold a total of 2,409 steel products.8 for the first time, with an annual increase of 4.60%, achieving 99% of steel production and sales.86%. The overall profitability has improved, and the weak automobile trend has dragged on the formation of cold-rolled plates.The company’s gross profit per ton of steel in 2018 and net profit per ton were 706.74 yuan, 329.99 yuan, an increase of 40 each year.8%, 35.6%; gross margin is 16.20%, increase by 2 every year.48 units.The company’s products are mainly sheet metal, accounting for about 80% of steel product sales.In terms of products, there are mainly three types of cold-rolled plates, hot-rolled plates and medium-thick plates. The preliminary estimates account for 32%, 31%, and 16% of the total sales, respectively.Gross profit margins for 2018 were 15.60%, 21.11%, 13.45%, the gross profit margin of hot-rolled plate and medium-thick plate increased by 4 respectively.34, 6.25 units; due to the weak automobile production and sales trend, the company ‘s gross profit margin above cold-rolled plates fell by 2.03 averages.According to our calculation model, the gross profit of the country’s cold rolled tonnage exceeded RMB 500 in the fourth quarter of 2018. Operating cash flow has improved and the capital structure has been further optimized.The company’s net cash flow from operating activities has improved significantly. The net cash flow from operating activities in 2018 was 82.94 ppm, an increase of 28 in ten years.03%. The capital structure was improved from the previous quarter and the assets and liabilities restructured at the end of 201841.72%, down 2 from the previous month.40 averages, falling by 1 each year.In the 79 mergers, the company optimized its debt structure by repaying the remaining denied debts and issuing convertible bonds. Risk factors: The downstream automobile and home appliance industries have less than expected demand; the macroeconomic deviation is large. Investment suggestion: Considering that the completion of the third quarter of 2019 will usher in the issue of centralized release, the post-real estate cycle will drive the demand for sheet materials, which is expected to support the company’s sheet product prices.The company’s EPS for 2019-21 is expected to be 0.62/0.71/0.75 yuan.The company’s current expected average is 0 in 2019.85 times PB estimate, given a target price of 6.44 yuan, the first time to give “overweight” rating.

Learn these three traditional Chinese medicine recipes

Learn these three traditional Chinese medicine recipes

Click to buy to mention staying up late, many people are fearless, but when it comes to death, people will be filled with fear.

In recent years, many scientific studies have shown that staying up late is staying up. People who stay up late for long periods of time may even lose their physical functions and may die prematurely!

  Staying up late has 6 major damages to the body1, hair loss: often staying up late will cause endocrine disorders, and the endocrine is repeatedly disordered, and the hair will fall unknowingly . 2, long wrinkles: the skin on the face is easy to relax all night long,The corners of the eyes and mouth are prone to wrinkles, and the eyes will become swollen, which will leave a sensational impression of aging and sickness.

  3, Neurasthenia: Although staying up late for a while, the next day, dizziness, drowsiness, forgetfulness, distracted attention and other symptoms of neurasthenia will come to your door, affecting your efficiency of learning and work.

  4, vision loss: In addition to staying up late will bring you a pair of panda eyes, will by the way take away your good vision.

During the rest time, if the eyes are forced to “buy their heads and work hard”, after a long time, it will produce various resistances, reminding you through the performance of dryness, tearing, fatigue, vision loss, etc., it is time to “let it goHorse “.

  5. Increased risk of sudden death: In recent years, news reports of sudden death caused by staying up late abound, although staying up late is not the direct cause of sudden death, but the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, and so on staying up late for a long time increases, thereby indirectlyTo cause death.

  6. Increased risk of disease: Good sleep is good for improving immune system function and improving human body’s resistance. If you stay up late for a long time, the immune function will decrease, and the human body will be susceptible to the invasion of surrounding bacteria and viruses, thus suffering from various diseases, such asRespiratory diseases such as colds, pneumonia, gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea, abdominal pain.

  3 types of dietary treatments to save the stagnation of the human body caused by staying up late all night, showing dark circles on the face, dull complexion, long spots, wrinkles, etc., in Chinese medicine, it is about equal to qi and yin deficiency, or even yin deficiency.Wangwang, therefore, the food therapy party who stays up late will adjust the symptoms of Qi deficiency and yin deficiency, specifically to nourish qi and nourish yin, and when yin deficiency and fire are already occurring, the conditioning method of nourishing yin and reducing fire can be appropriately increased.

The following recommended several conditioning methods suitable for staying up late conditioning: 1.

Shenqi Wuji Decoction[Recipe]American Ginseng 15g, Astragalus 15g, Black Chicken: 250g, Chenpi 10g, 5 dates[Effect]Astragalus: good at nourishing qi and spleen; American ginseng, slightly sweet and cold, can nourish qi and nourishOvercast.

Long-term sleep deprivation is most likely to cause fire and inflammation, which can cause sore throat, dizziness, upset sores, American ginseng “tonicate the lungs, reduce fire, and get rid of tiredness.

It is suitable for those who are fictitious and have fire. ”

Black-bone chicken nourishes yin and nourishes, and is rich in amino acids and cholesterol; shiitake mushrooms are fresh and greasy, and the skin is refreshed with qi and appetizers; a little jujube can be used to replenish the Chinese herbs.

  Therefore, this diet is suitable for staying up all night long, dissipating yin fluid, fatigue, fatigue, dry mouth, less food, dizziness and yellow.


Wuzhi Maotao Dongzao Soup[Recipe]30 grams of Wuzhi Maotao, 15 grams of Aspartame, 5 jujubes[Effect]Wuzhi Maotao has the effects of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, nourishing qi and spleen, removing dampness and stagnation, and inevitably spring, summer, autumn and winter, men, women and childrenAll are edible.

“Shen Nong’s Compendium of Materia Medica” listed Ophiopogon as the top grade for nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, saying that it “is long-wearing and light-weight, not old and unfortunate.”

Jujube: strengthening the spleen and nourishing blood.

  Therefore, this diet therapy is more suitable for those who suffer from chronic lack of sleep, darkened eyes, decreased physical fitness, insufficient gas, and fatigue.


Chrysanthemum Chinese wolfberry meat tea[Recipe]5 grams of chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, 10 grams of medlar, 10 grams of sesame meat, drink tea[effect]Hangbai chrysanthemum has the effect of dispersing wind and heat, calming the liver and clearing the eyes, medlar tonifying the kidney, improving the eyesight, and nourishing the liver and eyesight”, The blood to soothe the nerves, Shengjin to quench thirst; Yuan Shen” Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic “:” The main five internal organs evil spirits, An Zhi, anorexia, Jiufu strong soul, smart.

“So this tea has the effect of clearing the liver and clearing eyes, nourishing qi and blood, and is suitable for staying up late for brewing.

  Although these dietary treatments have some remedial effects, staying up late after all has a great impact on the body.

Emergency stop!

Weight loss

Emergency stop!
Weight loss

Now many fashionable women go online to copy prescriptions to lose weight. It is recommended that patients go to the hospital for consultation before taking the medicine, because they are likely to take the medicine randomly and form habitual constipation.

  Xiao Lu was hooked on the combination of rhubarb + green tea for “diet therapy” to lose weight.

After drinking for two months, Xiaorou began to defecate several times a day and became habitual constipation. “Now I can’t get down without eating rhubarb.

“” The abuse of rhubarb causes a lot of patients with habitual constipation.

“Dr. Gao said that habitual constipation is not the most serious.” Some patients even eat kidney damage, which is too costly.

The harm of using “Xiao Fang” by yourself is not just as simple as habitual constipation.

Xiao Zhao is in his early 20s and is of medium build.

She always hoped that she would be thinner. She searched the Internet for a pure natural “cassia seed + raw hawthorn” tea recipe that many netizens admired.

After taking it for a month, Xiao Zhao felt dark before his eyes, and found out after going to the hospital that he had had hypotension.

Dr. Gao said that she also encountered a patient who had taken bezoar detoxification tablets for a long time to lose weight in the outpatient clinic. “This patient knows the manufacturers. It takes no money to eat bezoar detoxification tablets. It has become a habit for a long time.Patients with constipation are suffering.

“Many patients think that traditional Chinese medicine is non-toxic and harmless, and watching others eat” quite good “, so they copied it and took it.

Gao Jianhong said that because of the different physical constitutions, some small recipes are “good recipes” for one person, and may be “fierce recipes” for another person.

Chinese medicine pays attention to “tailoring”, so she advises everyone to be cautious even taking Xiaofangzi.

  Modern medicine believes that being too fat or too thin is not good for your health.

Xu Yuan, chief physician of the Department of Endocrinology, Chaoyang Hospital, said that if you really need to lose weight, then in the three main ways to lose weight, it is recommended that you choose diet and exercise to lose weight, do not blindly carry out drug weight loss, let alone believe in weight loss drugs and weight loss teaPublicity.

If you need to take weight-loss pills, it is best to consult a doctor in the endocrinology clinic in advance; if you need to take weight-loss pills, you must also cooperate with diet and exercise therapy, so that it is more scientific and effective.

These eight kinds of food are not easy for the child until one year old

These eight kinds of food are not easy for the child until one year old

Diet should be balanced, but for babies before one year of age, because the gastrointestinal tract is not fully developed, in order to avoid increasing the burden on their gastrointestinal tract and reduce the chance of causing allergies, some foods should not be contacted prematurely . 1, honey  Dangerous point: Although botulinum-containing bacteria sometimes have the benefits of drinking honey water, honey is not sterilized during the manufacturing process to avoid damaging the ingredients, so it may contain botulinum bacteria, which may cause botulism in infants under one year old.Tobacco poisoning is recommended for babies under one year of age.

  2. Peanut butter danger point: ingredients are easy to cause allergic reactions; preservation is susceptible to aflatoxin contamination.

  Peanut itself contains arachidonic acid, which is an essential fatty acid required by the human body. Human cells will use this acid to synthesize prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are well-known natural inflammatory substances in the human body, which easily cause allergies and inflammatory reactions.

If the family has inherited food allergies, it is best to avoid feeding peanut products before the age of one.

  3. Dangerous points of fresh milk: The ingredients are not easy to absorb fresh milk. Nutrition should be supplemented, but babies before one year old are not suitable, mainly because the casein protein in fresh milk has a large molecular structure, which is not easy to break down and cannot be used by babies under one year old.Absorption; and if some of the baby’s intermediates do not have enough lactase to break down glucose, it will cause irritation and affect defecation function; plus certain minerals may increase the baby’s high blood pressure, cause children to have chronic dehydration and dry stoolAnd other symptoms.

  4, protein danger point: ingredients are easy to cause allergic reactions. Eggs are rich in high-quality proteins, as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals and multivitamins. It is just that the baby’s digestive ability before the age of one cannot afford the rich nutritional ingredients.Adding the ingredients in the protein can easily cause allergic reactions, so infants who start eating non-staple food must eat egg yolk first.

  5. Dangerous point of seafood: Poor preservation and easy to spoil cause allergic reactions. The main problem of seafood lies in the fact that it is not easy to spoil, and corrupt seafood is easy to cause allergy.

Babies with inadequate development of gastrointestinal tract function are already a little sensitive, and their body reactions to unclean food are often more adult. Therefore, it is recommended to eat less before one year old.

  6. Dangerous points of legume products: High allergens and easily inflated gas The protein contained in legumes is already a high allergen, plus a large amount of oligosaccharides is not easy to be digested, and it is easy to cause inflated gas, and the baby with thin abdominal wall musclesIn terms of symptoms, bloating is prone to occur. If you take in bloated beans, it will be more like a “sorrow.” So, beans, such as soy milk, dried tofu, tofu, red beans, and mung beans, keep their distance for the time being.La!

  7. Citrus danger points: Moulting can easily stimulate gastric acid secretion. Usually after the baby is four to six months old, the mother will start to let the baby drink a changed juice. It is recommended to avoid eating pure juice of citrus fruits at this time.Vitamin C and fruit acid can easily stimulate the baby’s stomach and cause gastric juice to reflux.

  8. Dangerous point of pickled foods: The substances added to the grains to burden the pickled foods will not be able to smoothly metabolize the babies with weak gastrointestinal function, which will inevitably be a heavy burden, and it will also affect the baby’s taste and sense of food, let aloneIt is said that nitrite contained in pickled foods is a high-risk carcinogen. Avoid it if you can avoid it. Don’t eat it too early if you can delay it!

Gulangyu time is used for waste

Gulangyu time is used for waste

Deep courtyards, quaint villas, old banyan trees, cultural birthplaces, temples of music, Gulangyu basically become the place to go to Xiamen every time.

G and G to Gulangyu, a music island that is different every time, but this time in addition to strolling around, I also want to find a coffee house called “Flower Time” that my friend said.

  ”Flowing Time”, SLOWLY style, she and the common coffee house come more special: time is a waste, customers are not God, love to eat menus, love and other services, sunrise and sunset businessTime, simple tables and chairs, special decoration.

The owner of the air couple, I heard that the owner’s personality is somewhat weird, they do not accept media interviews and advertisements.

The coffee house advocates freedom, sloppy, lazy, and humanistic.

The shopkeeper has collected a lot of books on literature and art, as well as the notes of the owner, and most of them are unusually special.

Here the owner and the guest are the protagonists. In the text of the owner, it can be seen that the attitude of life is somewhat a bit detached. Some of the notes are quite talented. It is a bit of an entertainer’s feeling. It is a little different from a pure coffee shop owner.
In the eyes of our ordinary people, the shopkeepers have some talents, some personality, they like the taste of Gulangyu in the four seasons, away from the secular way of life, plain and leisurely, like their words and photos.

Dim away from the hustle and bustle, as the name of the air is free.

  On days when the sun is not enough, G is the one who will play. Remember that in Yangshuo, there is him, and joy is indispensable.

In order to limit the number of people on the island, and there is no usual practice of buying only return tickets, and the island next to the boat circled around, I also saw the world’s rare cross-sea pontoon and Zheng Chenggong statue everywhere.

There are several artists on the island. The live music agent of the electronic keyboard player is helping him sell his albums. The singer sings and plays. The island has the only piano museum, music school, art school and music island.

  The city is full of tall buildings, and the days of traffic are so used.

Occasionally walk through the small island alleys to explore the old villas that are familiar with strangers.

The alley is accessible on all sides. I didn’t remember which time I went there. Although I listened to the tour guide occasionally to explain the consulate of a certain country, a certain building was the official residence of a famous person. Some places had some impressive impressions, folk sings, and an annals of history.s story.

But when it’s time again, the story can’t be remembered so clearly, but remember that every deep courtyard, every step of the slate has an unusual story.

  In winter, lanterns and homes are festive and quaint.

Presumably time goes back for decades. What a bustling and lively place here, nowadays, in addition to tourists, the grass above the wall and the fence can also vie with the street lamps and mottled bricks of the early years.

  A particularly new European-style building can be seen in the depths of the woods on the island. It is a bit like a coffee shop. It’s just a photo studio that “loves a lifetime”. This building is somewhat chic, on the back of the sea, quiet and passthrough.
Going forward is a beach, opposite to the urban area of Xiamen. You can see the rare cross-sea pontoon in the world. Many tourists stop here to take pictures, play, and the spring is expected to become a group of girls playing at the beach.

  Inadvertently went to a park to see the original is Lin Qiyaya Memorial Park, Ms. Lin is a gynecologist, has the reputation of “Angel of Life.”

The humanistic spirit of fraternity, as well as the extraordinary spiritual realm.

Many arrangements of stone carvings reflect the admiration of Ms. Lin by future generations.

  Most of the eucalyptus trees on the island are more than 100 years old. The eucalyptus must be rooted and become the root. The roots are attached to each other and flourish. It is difficult to distinguish who is dependent on it. Only the years know that it is multiplied into trees.

The only police station on the island where the eucalyptus is luxuriant, several small houses, small and deserted.

Probably the island’s simplicity, nature, harmony, there is no need for the police to maintain law and order.

  Along the stone road, continue to move upwards, people become less, and there are several villas looming. Some of the students in front of it are probably the art school that tells us that the villa she faces can go up and explain that it is the tallest building on the island.

The terrain seems to be the highest, giving a tip, the student introduced the right side of Chiang Kai-shek to stay in Taiwan before the stay, next to the residence of a president of Xiamen University has been donated to Xiamen University, most of the other famous people’s residence.

The villa that can be visited is called Guancai Building. It was built in 1931 and designed by Dutch designers. It is named after the beautiful sunset.

It is probably a long time of disrepair. The red paint of the past has faded. The corridor is a little narrow and dim. I have to be careful when going upstairs. I have to be spacious when I go up to the pavilion. In the past, this pavilion probably drank tea and rewarded the poems.

But now the bustling away, reminiscence is still, when you are lazy to lie in the sun, pour a cup of coffee, drink a cup of tea, perhaps cozy.

  On the third floor, I turned over the window sill. There was a couple from Shanghai who was taking a panoramic view of Gulangyu. I was introduced to Xiamen University, a beautiful and romantic school. It has been said for many years and I want to see it again.

Here, Gulangyu Wanguo Villa has a panoramic view, no guardrails, accompanied by the breeze, carefully walking, carefully taking the camera lens, the island is lush, the ancient villas are hidden, overlooking the downtown area of Xiamen, the pontoon pontoon, modern and ancienthope.

Although I didn’t see the sunset, I can record this situation and have a long history.

  I asked a lot of people on the island and said that I have never heard of “Flowing Time.”

Imagine that there may be no fate for spending time today, only to find it again.

Did not find “Flow Time”, did not enter the church, did not enter the Xinzhuang Garden.

  Always leave some regrets, it is a surprise save.Probably this is why I often miss the island.

Six reasons to marry a low-paid wife

Six reasons to marry a low-paid wife

First, marry a wife with a low income, knowing that it is not easy for a man to earn two money, and he is more distressed and considerate; marry a wife with a high income, go home and lie down on the sofa, and say: Where can you get those two money?Let’s cook.

  Second, marry a wife with a low income, knowing that living will save a considerable amount of clothing and dressing, expansion of beauty, etc .; to marry a high-income wife, she has one to spend two, the family finances will inevitably appear because they are unable to make ends meet”deficit”.

  Third, marry a wife with a low income, save the trouble of shopping, and go home to take home some necessities from the stall and night market; and if you want to marry a high-income wife, if she is a shopaholic, a man must be with him every dayShops, backaches, leg pains, and porters.

  Fourth, marry a wife with a low income, the man pays the wages, and the wife pays close attention, then quit smoking, drinking, playing mahjong and other bad habits.

And if you want to marry a high-income wife, no one cares about the man’s salary, which is inevitably contaminated with bad habits.

  Fifth, marry a wife with a low income, eat vegetables every day, and can’t break the grains. Although the family eats lean, it can lose weight and health, and lose weight; but to marry a high-income wife, big fish and meat every day, fierceSeafood, eat a high blood fat today, eat a stubborn liver tomorrow, it is really worth the loss.

  6. Marrying a wife with a low income, both sides are overly dependent on the family, which is more conducive to the harmony of the relationship between the husband and wife; while marrying a wife with a high income, her autonomy is too strong, and her heart is naturally higher than the sky, sayingOn that day, the man will be swept away.