Woman clothes with love

Woman clothes with love

There may be only two things in this world that make women crazy, clothes and love.

  On the surface, clothes are external and packaging, while love comes from the heart of everyone; clothes are physical in nature, but love is illusory, neither visible nor touchable.

However, it is true that clothes and love will be a kind of evil temptation. As a result, women will blindly and impulsively pay.

There are women in the world who sell themselves for the sake of satin, and women who are willing to sacrifice everything for love. We really cannot compare who is happier than who is more stupid than who is.

However, the one who owns the satin satin sacrifices love after all, and the one who has love may have to give up her satin.

  Life is always full of contradictions.

Sometimes our soul loves a man, but we choose to marry another, because as a modern and wise woman, she knows that something is realistic, but she is not suitable.

  In this situation, we usually use envious eyes to watch the CHANEL fashion fluttering on the T-stage, but we do not use it in daily life, because some clothes belong to dreams only, and some men are down to earth and areWhat we need.

  But how can people have no dreams?

So a woman’s wardrobe is always a piece of clothing, and she occasionally thinks of those couplings outside of marriage.

But I just want to think, the woman facing the window will only see her splendidly dressed in Chinese clothes in fantasy, but will never really buy it, as if a woman’s affair is always less than that of a manIt’s easy to find, because most of the time, it’s just a spiritual betrayal.

  Life predicts that there is a gap in Baiju. In fact, I’m just a woman wearing a trench coat and holding a brand-name bag that was taken out at a discount.

I will remember this morning that made me stingy afterwards, but at that time, if there was one, I thought I would only glance at it indifferently, only one.

  Because most clothes and most loves are only flashes in memory after things have changed.

Appropriately increase exercise in winter to prevent mental depression

Appropriately increase exercise in winter to prevent mental depression

Winter comes and the temperature drops.

In the cold winter, people add clothes to protect themselves from the cold, but often a little, because the weather is cold, outdoor activities are reduced, and most of the time staying indoors, it is easy to suppress various emotions, and long-term accumulation will produce “psychological cold” including depression, Affecting normal work and rest.

  Winter is a season of depression. This symptom is manifested by depression, lack of concentration, listlessness at work, and insomnia.

In addition, the low temperature and dry weather in winter can adversely affect patients with certain diseases (such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, and high blood pressure). People who cause these diseases often have a desolate feeling in the cold winter.Fearing that the condition will get worse and worse.

Some geriatric patients often face winter with a “hurdle” psychologically, and they are always afraid that they will not be able to pass the winter, which will cause some negative emotions. This situation is particularly common in rural areas.

  Depression-an easily overlooked mental problem. The concept of health refers to the fact that patients with physical depression and homogeneous depression are almost the same as those with paraplegia.

In other words, although patients with severe depression have no physical disability, they are lazy and do not want to do anything because of psychological problems. This state is no different from physical disability.

Lu Shuyun said: According to the latest World Health Organization survey statistics, complications of depression worldwide.

1%, compared to an estimated 6%.

Because of this disease, 10% of the world’s output is lost every year.

  The concept of health means that a person has neither physical nor mental illness.

In life, although many people have reduced depression, they haven’t figured out a way to solve it.

One of the reasons is that you haven’t corrected your own psychological problems and mistakenly think that you are in a bad mood; the other is that you think it’s embarrassing to see mental illness.

  Depression can lead to physical diseases. If depression patients have been “supporting”, they will not seek ways to solve psychological problems, and at the same time, they will affect the quality of life and lead to physical diseases.

For example, it will increase the risk of developing hypertension, hypertension, hypertension, diabetes, cancer and other diseases.

  Depression is caused by psychological stress, but not all stress can cause psychological problems.

Lu Shuyun analysis: People need a certain amount of pressure. With pressure, people have the motivation to move forward.

However, everyone’s ability to withstand stress is different.

If a person’s ability to endure stress reaches the apex, he will show the following emotions about overloaded stress: find life meaningless, repetition, laziness, laziness, loneliness, irritability, inattention, doubt, and then fatigue, Insomnia, palpitation, anorexia, gastrointestinal disorders, unexplained headaches and limb pain.

These manifestations eventually lead to depression patients having no interest and ability to do anything.

  Depression is classified as mild, moderate, and severe.

The proportion of patients with mild depression is relatively large.

The causes of depression are divided into genetic factors and psychosocial factors.

For example, some people can’t afford even small things; and some people have a natural ability to resist stress. This is a genetic factor.

Associated with socio-psychological factors are: events caused by individuals, including divorce, death of loved ones, accidents at work, etc.

  In addition, some people also develop unexplained depression, and some people experience depression during the acute period of puberty.

Some drugs can also cause depression, plasma hormones, anti-tuberculosis drugs, anti-hypertensive drugs, and so on.

Some chronic diseases can also cause depression, certain myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction and so on.

  There are many ways to release stress. Your experts suggest that mild depression can release stress through self-regulation.

For example, “interpersonal therapy” is to talk to relatives and friends about problems encountered.

From the understanding and support of relatives and friends, everyone knows that everyone is helping to share the pressure.

You can also do “marital therapy”, which is to talk to your spouse about the problems you have encountered, so as to get the understanding and comfort of the other party.

  Do more exercise to maintain a happy mood. It is recommended that patients find happiness by themselves. Studies such as exercise and housework are “good medicines” to dispel bad emotions.

Strengthening physical exercise, going out and climbing can alleviate psychological stress.

  Drive away stress with food while paying attention to diet and nutrition, eat more high-metabolized meat, drink more green tea, coffee and other beverages; in northern areas, appropriate sun exposure during the day, and increase the brightness of lighting at night.

  Patients with major depression who maintain good sleep should see a psychologist.

Psychologists can adjust their mentality, cognitive ability, and other ways to relieve patients’ psychological stress; they can also use antidepressants to improve their sleep and bad mood.

Walnuts can be eaten for stones

Walnuts can be eaten for stones

Walnuts eat suspicious stones in the Tang Dynasty. There is a medical classic “Sea Collection”, which records “one liter of walnut meat, one liter of fine rice boiled porridge, and the same service”, can treat stone shower.

  In the “Practical Chinese Medicine Internal Medicine” edited by Professor Huang Wendong, a famous contemporary Chinese doctor, there are also records about the raw walnut meat implanted in the stone.

The book points out that walnut meat contains sulfuric acid, which prevents the binding of mucin and calcium ions, thus preventing the formation of stones.

  In 1986, the Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine has a more detailed record of this earthwork. Take the walnut meat forty two (120 grams), use the fried crispy cake, add the sugar and mix it in the right amount, and serve it in 1-2 minutes.Discretionary reduction, usually one or more times after the service, can discharge one or more stones, and will continue to discharge stones after several days of continuous use until the stones completely disappear.

The nutritional value of walnuts is very high, and stone is only a “sideline”.

The main function of walnut is to tonify kidney and solidify, warm lung and relieve asthma, can treat kidney deficiency and cough, low back pain and soft feet, constipation.

  Nutrition experts have also proven that there are a large number of special structures in the walnuts with trace amounts of protein and carotene, vitamins and phosphorus, iron and magnesium.

According to some sources, the nutritional value of 500 grams of walnut is equivalent to 2,500 grams of eggs, or 4,750 grams of milk, or 1,500 grams of pork, so nutrition experts call it “nutrition library.”

Walnuts are suitable for all ages. They have been used for a long time, which can nourish the kidneys and strengthen the brain.

Online love and online dating, don’t get too deep

Online love and online dating, don’t get too deep

The online world is fascinating and irritating.

Although it is in the real world, it is beyond the real world.

It is a beautiful source of peach blossoms, where there are no official ranks, no ranks, no rich or poor, no nobility, “I don’t know if there is a Han, let alone Wei Jin”.

In this pure world, men and women meet, often falling in love at first sight, dreaming.

  Men and women who fell into the network (or Yunqing), when you meet and hate late, when you dream about love, when you hate each other and never get married (marry), Hulu advises you: No matter how deep the love,No matter how sweet you are, you can talk, you can sue, you can think, you can love, you can pull, but . but don’t get too deep.

  Man is an animal of emotion, and emotion is an important part of life.

It can be said that the joy of life is not elsewhere, only in sincere emotions.

There are feelings flowing in the heart, only the joy of life, and the tastes of the world; the emotional nourishment, the soul will continue to dry up, and life will be dull.

In the real world, life is getting richer, the spirit is getting poorer, and people are becoming more and more lonely. They ca n’t hear the voice of others, and do n’t want to talk to others, even their loved ones.

People often pay attention to the ever-changing world, but they don’t pay attention to the same vast and dynamic spiritual world.

Therefore, men and women in loneliness had to seek in the alternative world-the Internet, for an emotion, for a consolation, and for someone who knew and agreed.

Once I met suddenly, I looked back in shock. I couldn’t help but light up, just like a lightning that cut through the sky. In a moment, I light up the fading spiritual world. I just felt ashamed, pleased, can’t help but couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.ban.

  In today’s world, outstanding people are not in the government, not in the wild, not in the market, not in Tahara, but in the Internet.

This is not to say that people on the Internet are all visitors from Xianshan, or that there is a special condition on the Internet.

In the world, everyone is busy: spring crops and autumn harvests, silver coming in and out of copper, getting laid off, getting off the stage . and arrogant, you sing me on the stage, it seems that there is a thousand people, not to mention that they are indifferent.

In the Jinyihuafu, I do n’t know that is wrapped in a mean, dirty soul?

In the commoner’s blue robe, do you know that there is noble soul and beautiful sentiment?

And on the Internet, there is no post amplifier, nor the beautiful aura under the spotlight. The clear one clears himself, the turbid one is turbid, the wise is wise, the fool is foolish, the clean is self-clean, and the filthy is self-defiled.

  The relationship between the Internet is actually a collision of the mind. Only the people with similar qualities and similar qualities can get closer to each other, the Yaqu can get closer, and the mind can get closer.

I’m not old, I don’t have much experience, and I have a little experience.

I met the chatter a few times and asked about age, occupation, height, salary in the beginning. It was inexplicable; sometimes, he said a word of wisdom. The other party didn’t say “brother, I don’t understand what you said”, that is, “I don’t like”Bite the word and chew the word”, why not make people lose.

When I met a woman at a time, I asked about my career as soon as I spoke. I replied: Interstellar Trade.

She also asked: What Interstellar Trade is doing belongs to its department.

I really don’t know what to say anymore, so I had to run away.

Another time when I met a boss, I was very impressed at the beginning. After a few words, she asked about my profession. I wanted to say nothing to him, and said: “My profession involves state secrets.Sue, hope for begging.

“This is a phrase that is both funny and interesting, and it will definitely be interesting in the future.

Who knew she was upset: “If you don’t want to talk, you won’t say it. Why go around that big bend?

“I was just as interested.

  It’s so difficult to find a friend who knows you like each other!

  The best, most enjoyable and wonderful realm on the Internet is the contest of wisdom.

Every sentence, hidden machine front, the other side can understand; each intentionally left blank, the other side can place; each section is rounded and gentle, the winding path is quiet, the other side can be interspersed in it, and he can handle it freely.Every word, like a flower, opens in my heart; every sentence, like a lush spring, flows in my heart.

The bout of wind and rain ceased, and naturally a beautiful red silk thread was drawn between the two hearts.

Talk to each other about how much pain; how much joy you have to share with each other; endless words of love and endless complaints . Hongyan knows it, Lan Yan knows it, it’s shocking and meets on the Internet.

  A writer said that Hong Yan Zhi is already a state of affairs, just like “Cang Cang Cang, Bai Lu is frost, in the Book of Songs”, the so-called Yiren is on the water side.

And because of distance, everything is beautiful.

Hongyan confidant is another soul of a man. She is sometimes close at hand, sometimes on the water side, but you can always wake her up in your life, in your soul.

Hong Yan confidant is actually the gentle hand that ignites the fire of life with you. Men often live because of her, life becomes rich, enriched, and nourished.

  A netizen has a unique feeling about Lan Yanzhi. She said that the so-called “confidante in blue face” is not to speculate about the erratic mind of a woman and then follow the erratic person, nor does she think she is wise and tease a woman with playful words anytime, anywherepeople.Lan Yan confidant is a person who has his own opinions and views on the world in life, and at the same time has a broad mind to listen to the opposite sex and give advice appropriately.

He doesn’t have to be gentle and delicate, but he can understand the two words. He doesn’t have to be deep and profound, but he can respect the opposite sex. He doesn’t necessarily have a tall and majestic appearance.I am, even he is on the Internet, and even far away from the mountains and rivers, and even he cannot shield you from the wind and rain in reality.

Confidante Lan Yan sounds very comfortable, can give you a blue clear sky, so that you can temporarily give your mood a holiday.

Get a consolation.

He can give you an analysis of the problems you encounter from a unique perspective, let you be relieved, and regain your courage to return to a society full of competition and pressure.

  Hongyan meets Lanyan, Lanyan meets Hongyan, meets each other late, and tastes each other.

Men are philosophy, all-encompassing, with infinite connotations and infinite connotations. Women are pondering deeply and harvesting again and again; women are poems, every line, every sentence, every word, even every space, have infinite charm.Taste it and experience it again and again.

The woman of poetry is embedded in the mind of a man, which adds philosophy to the charm of poetry; a man of philosophy enters the heart of a woman, and adds rich poetic reason to philosophical rationality and a little charm.

So, they both dumped, both ingested, and both got stuck in the deep pool of feelings.

  People have desires, and they radiate the rays of desires at all times, sometimes even unknowingly.

For example, chatting, seemingly relaxing, and full of desires: first, the desire to talk; second, the desire to show talent; third, the desire to receive appreciation; fourth, the desire to move the other, fifth, possessionThe desire of the other person’s mind; the sixth . I don’t want to analyze it any more, but just say that the desires are tied together, it is a deep trap, trapped in the other person, and in myself.Deeper.

  When both sides fall into the depths of the relationship, the relationship begins to change.

One wants to own one, and one wants to control one, but it is beyond reach, so each nerve is extremely sensitive, suspicion, suspicion, suspiciousness, cloud of suspicion, and suspicion from time to time.Not to mention the original sweetness, in exchange for endless entanglement and increasing burden.

  Desire is endless. Desire rises in steps. Unsatisfied desires are painful. After satisfying desires, they become bored.

  Love is mainly for the purpose of sex; sex is often for the purpose of marriage.

The Internet, after all, is a virtual world. Can online love and online dating achieve the ultimate goal?

If you never reach your goal, you will have to suffer forever and forever, entangle each other in pain, torture each other until exhaustion, until one party flees because of unbearability.

At this time, you find that the other person you are in love with, starts to empathize with each other, and is anxious to die, but you have no choice but to lament: If you have today, why you were there!

  In fact, tragedy was born when both of them were closed.

  You would say that people have feelings, and feelings develop. Can you say that you ca n’t be trapped?

I said that man is also rational. Reason is the police stationed by God to guard against the “feeling” thief. Why don’t he keep his guard?

  Of course, this is also easier said than done. I have five medicines here, preventable and curable: Mingda, free and easy, sincere, pure, and selfless.

  Such as a light breeze, such as a clear moonlight, only for spiritual communication, do not think of possessing each other’s heart, let alone those who want to possess each other. When the relationship deepens, remind yourself in time, and remind each other: do n’t sink.

When found to be trapped in the pool of emotions, he quickly jumped out and became an onlooker, admired and tasted it.

This will not only elevate emotions, but also make the soul clearer and more sincere.

As the saying goes, the bottom of my heart is broad, and only the feeling without lust can last forever and be sweeter.

What do you say

Teletubbies Teletubbies Game Family Clone Edition

Teletubbies Teletubbies Game Family Clone Edition

Teletubbies and children seem to have a natural tacit understanding. Then, let’s clone the magic power of Teletubbies, and then use the Teletubbies mini game to bring the distance between you and your baby closer!

  * Animal parade cats, puppies, frogs, elephants . Let the children look at the pictures of the animals and quote different sounds of the animals.

Listen for the first time, without the need for parents to remind, the child can point out which small animal is talking.

Do n’t forget to take your child to the zoo to see all kinds of real animals!

  * Lala pinch game allows the child to sit on the floor, support it backwards and back, lean back, hold the ball with both feet, align and bend, lift your legs up, lift the ball into the air and throw it hard.

After being proficient in action, the mother can also cooperate with each other, and the two can use their feet to play the game of relay bowling.

Choosing a yellow ball will help your baby become more interested!

  * Musical rhythm dance with the child to sing a song or play a piece of music, let the children continue to sing the rhythm and tone of the dancing body.

When the rhythm is fast, the dance must be fast, when the speed is slow, the movement will occur, when the tone is high, let the child straighten the body, when it is low, half-squat down.

At the beginning, repeat each sentence several times. After you are proficient, you can choose a few fast songs.

  * Baby milkshake handprint doodle time is up!

Reduce the amount of pigment in the palette, and spread white paper on the floor.

No need for paintbrushes, let children paint with their hands and feet. Between the spelling of various colors, children’s artistic sense has sprouted.

  * Tintin, Dicy, Lara or Waver?

  How does Teletubbies say hello?

Come and observe it quickly: Oh-Tintin jumps left and right on one foot; Dixi high-fives on his chest; Lala waves his hands; wavelet, jumps in a twisted place.

  Each Teletubbie has its own unique movements, sounds and preferences.

Let the child imitate, and parents guess which one the child is imitating.

This trains the child’s observation, imitation and expression.

  * Time and Gold and Silver Tree “One day, a gold and silver tree suddenly appeared in Teletubbies Paradise.

The gold and silver trees grew rapidly, from leafy to fruitful, the pigeons flew in and out, and finally the leaves withered and disappeared.

“The changes of the four seasons are immediately revealed in front of the children.

In order to let children know the time, parents can search for pictures that mark the four seasons, or let the children observe the sunrise and sunset every day, make, know the calendar, compare the length of several activities, and so on.

  * The magic sponge child comes back from the outside and grabs cookies to eat without even washing his hands?

Prepare him a “magic sponge”.

Tell your child to wash his hands with a “magic sponge” moistened with hand sanitizer before and after each meal.

After the child has developed a good habit of washing hands, teach the child “hand washing exercises”.

The good habit of washing hands often develops.

Aya: 3 years of yoga changed hips and thin waist

Aya: 3 years of yoga changed hips and thin waist

Taiwanese artist Aya has recently been accused of rosy complexion, buttocks rising, and even her waistline getting thinner. A friend is curious about her beauty secrets, and she laughed and said, “This is my three years of practicing yoga.

“According to Taiwan media reports, Aya said that recently performing arts work often has to run everywhere in the three places on both sides of the strait. The busy work every day makes her easily nervous and tight.

In order to be healthy, she chose yoga, but she did not expect to fall in love as soon as she practiced. She stated that “the biggest benefit of yoga is meditation.”

  Three years ago, a friend who was working in Boston returned to Taiwan to visit relatives. After chatting, “I am a little boy who would also love yoga”.

She became curious about yoga and decided to practice it.

At the beginning, she first practiced while watching a DVD at home. The first exercise scared her sister. “Because I was so full of posture and too professional, my sister thought I had been practicing for a long time.

“This compliment made her work hard, and it took half a year to practice.

  Later, she went to class for two and a half years.

She thought back on the first day of “hot yoga” class. There were too many scandals, because she was sweating all over, her back was sore, her hands and feet didn’t listen, and she scolded herself after going home: “Why should I go to class?

“The second time she forced her to go again, then gradually got on track and slowly learned the fun from it.

  Now she practices yoga quite effectively. Someone met Liu Ruoying by chance at the Hong Kong Airport. The other person walked behind her, staring at her ass, and wondered, “Why is your ass so cocky?

Did you practice yoga?

Well maintained!

“Make her proud so far.

Initial fitness plan step by step

Initial fitness plan step by step

Although you have an ambitious desire to sweep away the innocence of previous years, forcing yourself to start high-intensity exercise immediately is not a good way.

The American bestseller “The Lazy Man’s Bible” has specially designed an exercise program for “lazy people” who have no time and perseverance, and simplify the use of “time and place.”Full of life and fun.

  January: laying the groundwork This month is to start with the basics.

If you are eager to succeed and cause injury, it will make you unmotivated in the next few months and affect the sports passion that you can hardly develop.

You should gradually adapt your body to the rhythm of your exercise to improve balance and body posture.

You can replace the daily basic sports with nearby sports, so that even if the pace of life is accelerated and exercise time cannot be guaranteed, you have already accumulated enough physical strength as a basis.

  Exercise requirements: body contraction, balance, and physical exercise 4 times a week; 3 aerobic exercises lasting at least 15 minutes; walking at least 4,000 steps per day.

  February: Strengthening muscle training Increasing muscle training can speed up metabolism.

This will help you shape your body and strengthen your physique through increased exercise.

By the end of the month, you will consume more conversions per minute, even without exercise.

  Exercise requirements: Start anti-fatigue exercises.

Do this exercise against a box or wind at least twice a week.

Plus exercise of the abdominal muscles to enhance the body’s strength and balance.

  March: resistance to boredom. Now that you have been exercising for 8 weeks, your motivation and enthusiasm may gradually fade.

List all the reasons you want to improve your health and fitness, which will regain your passion for exercise.

  Exercise requirements: You can participate in several fun sports competitions in a month, which will make you feel the fun of sports more.

Dating recreational sports (such as boating, outings, etc.) in your daily exercise, enjoy sports with friends, and follow the exercise plan.

  April: Walking 7000 steps a day. Now you have laid a part of the foundation. With the standard posture and the most basic adaptability, you should go further on this basis.

  Exercise requirements: Increase daily walking to 7000 steps and start outdoor aerobic exercise.

If you have been jogging, increase your stride and increase your intensity of exercise.

After aerobic exercise, practicing yoga can relax your muscles and improve your posture during walking or running.

  May: Strengthening aerobic exercise Seeing that summer is coming, it is time to prepare a good figure for those intimate clothes!

Now, you should increase the intensity of aerobic exercise to shape your body while maintaining a healthy aunty level.

  Exercise requirements: increase the number of steps per day to 7000-10000.

Add interval strength training to your cardio program.

If you are preparing for the summer games, it is also necessary to start speed training now.

A short body massage before exercise can stimulate blood circulation and increase the elasticity of skin tissue.

  June: Abdomen exercises to shape the body shape to build a beautiful body shape and build self-confidence in the body.

Look in the mirror to see if there are any nasty “bye-bye meats” underneath, and if there is a small belly in the waist, then focus on the attack and break through one by one.

  Exercise requirements: Perform abdominal training at least 4 times a week. This is the easiest place to hoard your aunt. Be sure to play the “defense war”.

If you want to go out for a holiday this month, don’t forget that when you lie on the soft beach and enjoy the breeze and sunshine, you can also do beach fitness exercises, and you will quickly receive a good shape.

  July: People who exercise better in water and have perseverance also get tired and tired. Give yourself a break and start again.

You should be more flexible this month and use your time as creatively as possible.

You can spend less time doing programmed exercises in the gym. Instead, do more fun outdoor exercises, and it is best to get the whole family active.

  Exercise requirements: Walk at least 10,000 steps a day to start water exercise.

Plan more outdoor activities-such as outings in the park, or beach swamps.

  August: Try extreme sports out of the regular exercise circle and feel different in different places.

  Exercise requirements: Mix everything up this month-if you usually use running as your main exercise method, try running in the water this month; if you used to exercise outdoors, try indoor exercise; if you only do regular exercise, Then you can try some challenging projects, such as exciting rock climbing.  September: It has been 8 months since the fitness results were consolidated, which is 2/3 of the year. The focus of this month is to increase the amount of daily exercise and consolidate the fitness effects of the previous period.

  Exercise requirements: Record your daily exercise amount every day.

In the fall, you may spend time indoors alternately.

Therefore, arrange outdoor sports every day, or go out at least three times a day.

  October: I have worked hard for 9 months to check the effect of exercise. You have to test your exercise results this month.

You can arrange a race at the end of this month to test your own training results.

The first two weeks of the “Contest” lighten your training and increase flexibility to prepare your muscles.

  Exercise requirements: Add yoga exercises to your long-term exercise program at least 3 times a week.

Perform stability exercises to ensure muscle balance.

There will be too many marathons this month. Maybe try to participate. You need to practise in advance how to add water during the running.

  November: “Cultivate Yourself”, the task of relaxing your body this month is to relax yourself.

You have achieved the effect of exercise, and your body needs rest.

Pay attention to the physiological recovery, and do some basic training of balance ability at the same time.

  Exercise requirements: Participate in some “self-cultivation” activities, such as Tai Chi or yoga, to make your body fully relaxed.

Of course, while relaxing, don’t ignore the minimum walking requirements required daily.

  December: Reasonable arrangement of exercise time This month’s festive season is very exciting.

You have to be ready to buy gifts for your family, give gifts to your customers, book a New Year’s travel plan, and have a full schedule.

But make sure you have time to exercise in the long run.

  Exercise requirements: Try “close your eyes and calm your mind” exercises and meditation to relax your expected sleep.

This approach is immediate.

On weekends, you can walk out of your home and choose outdoor winter activities with your family to enjoy an active and happy weekend.

White training course also Bai Suyan_1

Bai Suyan

To whiten, you must complete your whitening homework and don’t miss any important points.

As skin care homework that required effort and energy at that time, whitening also needs to be focused on in order to be effective. Now let’s take a look at the three major principles of whitening: internal and external symptom, upper and lower Tongzhi, privacy protection, and make you whiteMore thorough and perfect!

  The first symptom is that there are so many whitening and whitening products, and each one seems to be very powerful. How do I choose?

  The first step in the scandal is to check why you are “not white enough”.

Is it because of melanin precipitation caused by ultraviolet radiation?

Or is it due to metabolism and stress?

Or is it because the stratum corneum is thick, and the skin is no longer supple and white because of insufficient moisturizing and anti-aging maintenance?

  In order to satisfy women’s friends with different levels of whitening implants, Kanebo’s Mother’s Day special group includes red firethorn whitening series that are excluded from UV problems, white impression series that uses inherent self-discipline energy, and intensive repairs.Multi-Purpose Multi-Purpose Run White Crystal Limited Purchase Group.

Finally, do n’t forget to add the new value-added group of COFFRET D’OR translucent white translucent foundation, which just launched in April this year, so that female compatriots of every age and skin type can easily achieve this summer. ”Su Yan Beauty “sense of achievement.

  Did you find Xuexi’s hands and feet in the 2nd Tongzhi Xuezhi?

After each summer, the race of hands and feet is definitely blacker than the face of a diligent maintenance!

  You should choose hand cream and foot cream with whitening ingredients, and exfoliate in time!

Like roses, it has repairing properties that improve skin aging, promote skin radiance, and smooth skin fine lines.

  Honestly, the stratum corneum of the hands, feet and skin is already thicker than the ends.

This is because, compared with the facial skin, the degree of exertion on the hands and feet and the external stimuli that must be withstood daily are much higher, and the thickening of the stratum corneum also has a function of protecting the skin in some aspects.

However, once our keratin is thickened, the skin’s elasticity, water retention and verticality will also be relatively poor, and it is easy to appear “not white enough”!

  Earlier in the past, during this Mother ‘s Day promotion, many beers were very good. Special hand creams used by celebrities and supermodels, such as Julie Cole, Crabtree, L’Occitane, AESOP, etc., have successively launched special combinations to challenge the lowest parallel importsprice.

  No. 3 Private protection The skin nearer the joints of the snowy body, the more private and delicate skin, the more watery care is needed?

  Do not think that only the skin of joints such as elbows or contractions is prone to wrinkles or pigmentation corrosion.

For mature moms, even at the junction of shoulders, waist, hips, legs, and even the little sister who is not seen after entering menopause, they are prone to dryness and dullness.

  Using exfoliating body wash once a week and intensifying the massage for a particularly thick part of the stratum corneum for several minutes can initially improve the roughness and dullness of the skin of the hands and feet joints.

After bathing daily, you should also use lotions with soothing, whitening or moisturizing ingredients.

Keep in mind that for younger sisters after menopause, you should choose a cream formulation with a high PH value and sufficient moisture to give appropriate care to the private parts.

  Whitening upgrade course The most basic reason for skin blackening is the release of melanin from the base layer, which accumulates on the skin surface and accumulates for a long time, resulting in dull skin and spots.

The main key to whitening is to block the causes that may cause melanin, and also to prevent the melanin that has been generated from being distributed to the skin cells.

  Sun protection is the easiest way to prevent the precipitation of melanin, because ultraviolet rays can stimulate the production of melanocytes and increase the generation of dark spots. Sun protection can prevent the formation of most melanin.

In addition, the skin should not be too dry, because the skin is too easy to become irritated and increase melanin.

  Medical research on L-C whitening skin diseases has confirmed that L-C related products can resist oxidation, have photoprotective effects, protect skin cells from oxidative damage, and reduce immune suppression and inflammatory reactions caused by ultraviolet rays, preventing skin deterioration.

Has a good effect on fast whitening.

  The stratum corneum is closely related to whitening. The stratum corneum, which has a close relationship with skin aging, also plays an important role in whitening maintenance. If healthy keratin is metabolized normally, the skin will appear white and shiny.

Many whitening products on the market use fruit acid to help the skin’s keratin metabolism. For example, fruit acid or salicylic acid can not only metabolize melanin, but also help skin anti-inflammatory, because this type is mild and non-irritating and less likely to appear.Anti-pigmentation problem after skin inflammation.

  There are no shortcuts for whitening. I want to have beautiful skin. There seems to be no shortcuts. Just be diligent in maintenance!

However, in addition to ultraviolet light, the formation of melanin also accounts for a large proportion of personal constitution.

Because those who are prone to dark spots often have genetic factors from their families, if you find that mothers and sisters should have serious dark spots, you must be mentally prepared to take care of them early, otherwise you may not be able to escape the dark spots.fate.

  Whitening experience share with every woman has more or less whitening experience, for example, rubbing whitening essence, whitening thick sunscreen lotion, applying whitening mask at night, etc., all have done, but the whitening effect is alwaysUnsatisfactory, tried every means to fight melanin, but in the end all failed in vain to end the battle.

In particular, Asian women are most eager for whitening. Is it really difficult for a woman with yellow skin to have whitening skin?

  Whitening, to reduce external damage. There are many whitening products on the city surface. Although they have different functions, most of them are targeted at the metabolism, discharge, and suppression of melanin. However, if the facts about the production of melanin are combined, the external damage is actually reduced.Is the most important whitening homework.

  Because the skin is irritated or abnormal, it shows that whether it is chemical beauty products or ultraviolet rays, it will cause pigmentation and aging of the skin. Most people rarely take the external environment seriously to affect the skin, so many skinsThe physician has been an expert, and strengthening the defense is the whitening king.  Work and rest also affects whitening. For people who are prone to melanin on the skin, try not to stay up late. The work and rest should be normal. If there is pressure, you should know how to deal with it in a timely manner. Do not smoke. Smoking has no benefit to the human body.In addition to the nicotine in the cigarette, it will sink into the skin and make the skin dull. It will also easily damage the blood circulation of the skin. When the skin blood circulation becomes poor, the skin cells are not easy to repair, and the skin is dull and dull.

  DIY Natural Masks Netizens provide three DIY natural masks, which are very helpful for skin care, and provide readers as a reference for whitening: Banana + milk applied to the face to get half a banana, plus an appropriate amount of fresh milk, adjusted toFor mushy, apply mushy banana milk to both ends, wait for 10-15 minutes, and wash it off with water.

  Milk contains protein, and a little bit of fruit acid in bananas is used to apply the face, which can strengthen the skin’s moisturizing and moisturizing.

  Applying tea to your face Use fresh tea leaves to make tea. After washing your face, moisten the completely cooled tea with a cotton pad, and pat for a long time. After it is completely absorbed, wash it with water.

  Everyone did not expect that tea also has such a magical whitening function!

In fact, that’s because tea contains abundant chlorophyll that can make the skin neutral, and the effect can be seen in two weeks.

  Aloe vera is applied to the face. After cutting the aloe, remove the transparent scum-like thing, cut a small piece before going to bed, and stick it on the skin with acne. Usually the acne will disappear when you wake up.

  The use of aloe vera can not only cure acne at an early date, but also whitening and anti-wrinkle effects. Therefore, aloe vera essence is added to many whitening products to whiten and anti-wrinkle.

  In addition, when the skin is sunburned, the skin will feel red and sore. You can also use aloe vera to relieve the pain caused by sunburn. It is a natural skin care product that reduces skin temperature and anti-inflammatory.

Beginning to Love the River Beware of Six Misunderstandings

Beginning to Love the River Beware of Six Misunderstandings

One: It is absolutely possible to have a “frame” for the ideal “look” of the ideal opponent before the first “love” in the “frame”.

  However, if the image of the other person is too ideal, and the requirements are fully met, your love journey will be very tired and even delay yourself.

For example, they must be cool in appearance and extraordinary in temperament. They must have a soft personality, a deep and unrestrained relationship, and they will make money and do housework . But in fact, such objects are really hard to find.

Some people just want to wait for such a perfect object, even as the years pass, even if they find themselves old, they will not want you.

It is not difficult to get out of this error zone.

As long as the other party agrees with your wishes 70%, you can let the remaining 30% gradually meet and approach in the communication.

  Two: “Shelves” In the first love, the party with the obvious advantage puts up a “shelf”, expecting the other person to bow their heads, thus setting a “rule” for future relationships and life, which often leads to unhappiness.
Emotional communication is the most important word.

The first collision between the two hearts cannot be completely “shelfed”.

Because emotional union is equal.

Assuming you are the other party, can you bear it?

This also has an impact on your image in his mind.

Furthermore, you can’t use “silence is better than sound at this time” as your slogan of “difficult to open.”

You know your own heart, but you do n’t say that the other person is not a bug in your heart. How do you know your heart?

Always “look” and “I haven’t figured it out” will give people a feeling of insecurity.

Since it is a relationship, love is indispensable.

  Three: “Gambling” is the parasite of love. “Gambling” is caused by temporary self-esteem and pride.

Because they each want to conquer each other, sometimes they bet on a small thing.

I can’t breathe a word, I can’t swallow the next move, I have to make a “fall out.”

The result of “being angry” can only be the ashes of the fragile feelings that have just been established.

There are three “prescriptions” to break through the “gambling” breakthrough: 1. Change the bad habits of esteem, and learn to respect and forgive each other.

  2. Attach great importance to feelings as a step-by-step “investment” in life and treat everything calmly.

  3. Use reason to return the unbalanced psychology to the normal state.

  Four: People are more irritating than others.

How to use others to demand lovers, and even bring dissatisfaction, this is also a misunderstanding of love.

Think of others’ things, you can only have a dream, but the reality must be realistic.

Properly focus on the similarities between the two sides, instead of shifting their eyes for the bright colors of others, so that their eyes are off.

Do something right now and think about something else.

  Fifth: People who are misled by someone else’s first love have a sense of vanity, they care about their friends’ views on their lover, and pay close attention to each other’s “public image.”

Some girls asked their sisters to comment on their boyfriends.

But everyone has different requirements for their lover. Maybe your friends like tall ones.

At 70 meters, she is still too short. Maybe she likes art, and she does n’t know how to paint. If you blindly follow the opinions of your friends, you will only end up breaking up.

The most important thing is your own opinion, judge with your own eyes.

  Six: Too much trust and commitment For first lovers, commitment is very tempting.

And the instinct to listen to good words causes the promise to turn into the “mannna” of love.

So, if you don’t say good things, you will become a fool who won’t please each other.

In fact, the promises made when the emotions are strong are basically not carefully considered, they are just impulse, and most of them will not be fulfilled.

And, no matter how perfect a promise, life will change.This is not because the other party deliberately deceived us, or that we all have to adapt to changes in our lives.

Therefore, first lovers don’t believe in promises too much, they must think from reality.

Spring Baby plans four types of food to eat healthy

Spring Baby plans four types of food to eat healthy

“When it’s warm and cold, it’s the hardest thing to do.”

Spring is the “golden” season for children with growth and development, and it is also the season when children are most susceptible to disease.

In order to keep fit, you must keep your baby away from disease and thrive. Parents should take necessary protective measures. The most fundamental thing is to supplement their children’s nutrition and strengthen their physique.

But beloved parents need to pay attention to the lack of diet and improper nourishment, which may be counterproductive and cause the baby to have an imbalance or excess nutrition.

  How can I eat a healthy baby?

According to the characteristics of seasonal changes and children’s growth needs, nutrition experts especially recommend four types of foods, braking parents to reasonably plan their children’s spring diet, improve the baby’s body immunity, give sufficient growth supplies, and grow up quickly.


1-Calcium-supplemented food is full of vitality. Spring is the season when children grow and develop faster. Many children are born in spring.

The child’s growth is accelerated, and the body’s demand for calcium nutrition naturally increases accordingly. Parents should promptly add calcium to the baby.

According to nutrition experts from Health 863.com, children of different ages have different calcium requirements, and proper supplementation can promote normal bone growth.

Specifically, children under 1 year old need about 300-400 mg of calcium per day, 1-4 years old need about 600 mg of calcium per day, 4-7 years old need about 800 mg of calcium per day, othersChildren of all ages should consume more than 1000 mg daily.

  There are many foods that can be supplemented with calcium sources daily.

For example, dairy products such as milk, milk powder, cheese, yogurt, condensed milk, soy products, soy beans, broad beans, tofu, dried tofu, etc .; seafood catfish, carp, loach, shrimp, shrimp, crab, kelp, laver,Clams, field snails, etc .; meat and poultry mutton, chicken, eggs, duck eggs, etc .; vegetables, celery, rape, carrots, sesame, coriander, black fungus, mushrooms, etc .; fruits and dried fruits such as lemon, coriander, apple, Almond, hawthorn, raisin, peanut, lotus seed, etc.

  Special reminder: Parents should let their children supplement calcium foods in a balanced manner.

Lamb and other foods are warm and should not be eaten too much.

In addition, you should control your baby’s high salt, high protein, high diet, control the absorption of sugar or sweets, soda, cola and other sodas, so as not to lose or reduce calcium, hinder calcium absorption.


2-Foods containing “unsaturated fatty acids” Because children grow faster in spring and brain development is at its peak, it is necessary to supplement “unsaturated fatty acids” in a timely manner.

Experts point out that unsaturated fatty acids are important nutritional components of the human brain and brain nerves, and making up for the lack will affect people’s memory and thinking ability, and affect the intellectual development of infants and young children.

Since the human body cannot synthesize unsaturated fatty acids on its own, it should be taken from related foods.

In fact, animal manure contains mainly saturated fatty acids, and plant manure contains mainly unsaturated fatty acids.

  To get enough unsaturated fatty acids, parents can try to use vegetable oils when cooking for their babies, so eat more of the plant-faecal diet, such as walnut porridge, black sesame porridge, peanut porridge, etc., or eat some food plantsSmall foods such as peanuts, walnut kernels, pine nuts, sunflower seeds and so on.

  Special reminder: the intake of animal and plant feces should be balanced; daily use of fried foods should not be used to increase vegetable oil intake.


3——Vitamin-rich foods In spring, children are prone to symptoms such as rotten mouth corners, bleeding gums, and rough skin, which are mostly due to vitamin deficiency. Therefore, vitamin deficiency in children is also likely to cause colds, respiratory diseases and complicationsIllnesses.

Experts remind that vitamins are essential organic compounds in human metabolism.

If children lack plasma vitamin A, dry eye disease, dry skin, and respiratory diseases; lack of vitamin B can cause cheilitis, cheilitis, glossitis; lack of vitamin D can cause calcium deficiency.

  Vitamins can be taken in a variety of foods. Vitamin A is replaced in cod liver oil, liver and dark green, dark yellow vegetables and fruits; vitamin B is replaced in the liver, lean meat, poultry eggs, milk, soy products, cereals, carrots, and fish., Vegetables and other foods; vitamin C in green vegetables, citrus fruits; vitamin D in cod liver oil, insulin, egg yolk and milk; vitamin E in wheat, rice germ oil, eggs, liver, meatImpurities in the class.

  Special reminders: Parents are better informed by doctors that children should supplement vitamins; eating too fine can easily lead to vitamin deficiencies for babies, so they should usually eat refined and coarse grains together; don’t over wash rice to prevent vitamin loss during daily cooking; cookingWhen vegetables are used, the time should not be long to reduce the loss of vitamins.


4-“Homologous medicine and food” food warms up in spring, various germs and viruses are extremely active, and the disease easily affects young children.

Parents can replace some “medicine and food homogeneous” foods for their children to improve the baby’s body immunity and disease resistance.

Experts said that some foods are Chinese medicine, and the boundaries between medicine and food are not very clear. Therefore, they can understand the use of diet and prevent diseases, which can greatly replace children’s health.

  Foods with the same source of medicine and food include: red dates, longan meat, mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, black fungus, wolfberry, yam, rice kernels, walnut meat, longan meat, hawthorn, black plum, almond, orange, previous rice, red bean, cinnamon, Amomum villosum, pumpkin seeds, honey, etc. These foods are not only rich in a variety of nutrients, but also sweet and flat. Although the effect is not as prominent and rapid as traditional Chinese medicine, it is a small substitute for children.

  Special reminder: there are differences in children’s physiques, and there are points of deficiency, cold and heat. Parents are advised to consult the relevant Chinese medicine pediatrician first, understand the child’s physique, and eat symptomatically.