Use auricular points to promote breast milk

Use auricular points to promote breast milk

Postpartum milk is low and breast milk is not a cause of postpartum onset in gynecology. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the main pathogenesis is weak blood, insufficient biochemical sources, or liver stagnation and stagnation, resulting in blocked milk operation.

  TCM believes that the “ear” is not simply an isolated hearing organ. It is closely related to the human meridian and internal organs.

Stimulating auricular points can treat a variety of viscera diseases such as liver and spleen.

Auricular point prolactin intake endocrine, chest, breast points, weak blood plus stomach, spleen, heart, kidney points, phlegm dampness obstruction plus spleen, kidney, Sanjiao points, liver qi stagnation plus liver, Shenmen, gall,Sanjiao points, each one with a dry king without leaving seeds to press.

  Medical `education network collection and processing steps are: after delivery, according to the distribution of auricular points, bilateral endocrine, chest, breast points, etc., routine disinfection.

Cut the tape into a diamond shape. The size of the tape is about 6 × 6 mm to 10 × 10 mm.

Choose the appropriate size of the paste according to the local.

Put Wang Buxingxing seeds into the cut tape, align it with the acupoints and apply a little pressure, so that the mother feels soreness, numbness, swelling and pain, every 1?
For 2 minutes, instruct the mother to massage herself three or five times a day, with the degree of fever in the pinna each time.

Indulge for 3 days in summer and 5 days in winter.

At the same time, the mother and baby are required to be in the same room, helping the newborn to suck and suck the mother’s nipple 12 times on the first day, and 6 times a day thereafter?
8 times.

Wang Bu Liu Xing’s ear acupuncture treatment can promote lactation, which can make the maternal lactation start to move earlier.
6-month pure breastfeeding rate.

This method is easy to operate, safe and reliable, and there is no substitute.

After the medical staff fixed the seed of Wang Buluoxing, the family members or mothers could also operate the compression stimulation by themselves.

However, those who are allergic to tape, winter with frostbite on the auricle and inflammatory lesions on the skin of the auricle should not be used.

A Comparison of Ancient and Modern Poems in Chongyang Festival

A Comparison of Ancient and Modern Poems in Chongyang Festival

Nine or nine Chongyang, in addition to climbing, drinking, admiring chrysanthemums, poetry competitions of ancient and modern poets can not be omitted.

Mao Zedong Chongyang Mao Zedong’s life is easy to get old but hard to grow old, and now he is chongyang again and again.

  The annual autumn wind is strong, not like spring light, better than spring light, few rivers and rivers frost.

  On September 9th, we remembered that the Shandong brother (Tang) Wang Weidu was a stranger in a foreign country, and he loved his family every festive season.

  Far away knowing that the brothers had ascended to the height, there was one less dogwood.

  On the 9th, Qi Shan ascended the mountain (Tang), Du Mujiang Han, autumn shadow geese first flew, and the guest carried the pot on the Cuiwei.

  The earth laughed, and the chrysanthemum had to be full.

  However, I will not pay for the holiday season, but I wo n’t make it.

  This has only been the case since ancient times, why is Niushan alone?

  On September 10th (Tang) Li Bai ascended yesterday, and now he is holding on again.

  The chrysanthemum is too bitter and suffers from these two celebrities.

  On September 9th Lu Xuan from the Xuanwu Mountain Brigade (Tang) overlooked the mountains and rivers on September 9th.

  In other places, we spend money on gold and wine.

  On the 9th day of the middle of Shu (Tang), Wang Bo looked at the township station on 9th September, and delivered the guest cup from another place.

  Human sentiment is tired of the south, and Hongyan is from the north.

  On the 9th (Tang), Wang Yanmo compared the border to Kyoto. In August, the severe frost was withered.

  Ascend the bottle of wine today, I wonder if there is no chrysanthemum.

  On the ninth day (Tang), Yang Heng’s yellow flowers and purple chrysanthemums were on the fence, picking chrysanthemums and drinking wine, and loved Fangxin.

  Unbearable today, nostalgia, forced dogwood to follow everyone.

  Fenghe was fortunate to visit Weiting on the ninth day, and Wei Anshi, who had climbed to the top, had the opening ceremony of the autumn festival.

  The golden wind floats on the chrysanthemum, and the jade dew weeping.

  Tour Eight

The therapeutic effect and practice of Cangzhu

The therapeutic effect and practice of Cangzhu

Cangzhu knowledge introduction: Cangzhu is the rhizome of Asteraceae, Atractylodes lancea and Guan Cangzhu.

Mao Cangzhu, Bei Cangzhu, and Guan Cangzhu are perennial herbaceous plants. Mao Cangzhu is born in the hillside scrub and grass, and is distributed in Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan and other places, cultivated everywhere;Bei Cang Zhu was born in the shrubs on the low hillside, under the forest and in drier places.

Distributed in the northeast, North China and Henan, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Shandong and other places; Guan Cangshu was born on hillsides, forest margins, under the forest or shrubs, and distributed in the northeast and Inner Mongolia, Hebei and other places.

  After 2 to 3 years of cultivation, excavate the rhizomes at the end of autumn and early winter or early spring to remove the residual stems and shake off the soil. After drying, tap with a wooden stick or envelop the body to remove the fibrous roots; or use it after drying to 90%Cut off the fibrous roots and let it dry completely.


The rhizomes of Atractylodes lancea are irregularly knot-like or slightly beaded, with a length of 3 to 10 cm and a diameter of 1 to 2 cm.

The surface is yellow-brown to gray-brown, with fine longitudinal grooves, wrinkles and fibrous roots. There are round stem marks at the nodes, and there is often a residual stem base at one end, and some surfaces have white flocculent crystals.

Quality, cross-section is white or yellowish-white, scattered with oil chamber (commonly known as cinnabar dot), white needle-like crystals can be precipitated after a long exposure, strong aroma, slightly sweet and bitter, spicy.


The rhizomes of C. sibiricum are massive, 4 to 10 cm long, and 0 in diameter.

7 to 4 cm, dark brown on the surface, loose and loose; fibrous section, oil chamber, crystals do not precipitate on rotation, weak aroma, bitter taste.


The rhizome of Guan Cangshu is nodular, 4 to 12 cm long and 1 to 2 in diameter.

5 cm, dark brown surface.

Light weight, fibrous fracture surface.

Specific gas, spicy, slightly bitter.

  They are all of high quality, with more cinnabar on the section, and those with strong aroma are better.

  Supplementary information on Pallids: According to the different methods of cannonball production, it can be divided into Atractylodes spp., Bran stir-fried Pallids scutes.

  Atractylodes for the crowd: Yin deficiency and internal heat, bleeding is forbidden, Qi deficiency and sweating with caution.

  The effect of Atractylodes odorense treatment: Atractylodes odor, bitter, warm; return to the spleen, stomach meridian; Fang Liai San San, can rise or fall, walk without observing;明 Indications of efficacy; Indications of dampening the spleen and stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, diarrhea, diarrhea, plague, diarrhea, malaria, cholera, rheumatism, cold dampness, beriberi, rickets, night blindness.

  Cangzhu food phase grams: Cangzhu bogey, garlic.

  Cangshu practice guidance: 1.

Atractylodes can be combined with Magnolia, Chenpi, Licorice to dry the spleen, relieve qi and stomach; if the spleen is wet and sleepy, clear of turbidity, stool diarrhea and short urine, can be combined with Magnolia, Poria, ZexiaEquivalent use, to strengthen the spleen and dampness, to facilitate urination and solid stool; for children with cholera and diarrhea, can be used with ginseng, papaya; if the spleen is wet and long-serving drinking habits, dyspnea, food loss, sour taste, canSingle-use as the end, jujube meat as a pill, and dry spleen and phlegm drink.


Feeling cold and wet plague, symptoms see headache, body pain, cold and heat without sweat, like typhoid fever, and epidemic, can be compatible with crickets, transcripts, white crickets, etc .; those who feel mountain ridges, symptoms of cold and hot bloating, can be associated withHuang Cen, Bupleurum, and crickets are equally used. Those who feel transient illness at four o’clock and who have symptoms of cold and heat can be matched with Magnolia, Areca, Changshan, etc .; those who feel the evil of wetness in early summer and autumn, and who have cholera and vomiting, canCompatible with Ayaka, Pinellia and Magnolia.


Wind, cold and wet attack table, symptoms of cold and heat without sweat, headache, strong limbs, sore limbs, can be compatible with cricket live, windproof, Chuanxiong, Baiji and so on.


For eyesight, decoction with pork liver or goat liver.

  苍术食疗方法:  [选作食品的理由]  《神农本草经》:“作煎饵.
Jiufu, light weight, prolonged, not thirsty.

“Drinking to eat”: “Serving Cangshu: Baopuzi” Cloud: Nanyang Wenshi, fleeing to Hushan in chaos, robbing, some people teach food surgery, and then not thirsty.

He returned to his hometown for several years, with rich colors and strength.

“Yu Jing” Yun: Longing for life, serving as a mountain spirit.

It is Atractylodes.

“Shi Jian Materia Medica”: “Cangshu wine: cure rheumatoid sores.

Hong Kong’s feet are heavy.

Wash and break with thirty pounds of Cangshu.Edom has three burdens.

Twenty days.

Go to stem.

Soak the noodles with juice.

New home wine law.

Wine cooked.

Drink freely.

  [用于消渴例证分析]  苍术有消除低血糖症候的作用,多部古典著作记载了“不饥”的作用。And this is useful for the recovery of diabetes.

(Nie Wentao: “Food Training and Rehabilitation of Diabetes”)[Raw Materials]: 1 kg of Atractylodes macrocephala (soaked in rice noodles for 5 nights, cut, dried, and dried), 1 piece of papaya (porcelain dish, steamed inside rice pan, peelednuclear).

  [Manufacturing method]: Take papaya and grind it like a paste, mix with Cangshu at the end, make it big like a sycamore seed, and bake it. Use yellow wax to melt the inside of the tincture. Mix the medicine in the wax, take it out of the sieve, roll it over the paper lining。  [Function Indication]: But staying old.

  [Usage and Dosage]: 30 pills per serving, hollow salt, wine.

  Cangzhu: Cangzhu has the effects of dampness, spleen, and rheumatism.

Indications Wet resistance in the middle focus, wind cold dampness, foot and knee swelling and pain, weakness and weakness, night eyes blindness.

“Pearl Sac” Day: “It can strengthen the stomach and relieve the spleen.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “Remove damp phlegm and keep drinking . and the spleen is wet and spleen, and the turbidity is under the belt.

“The New Revised Materia Medica” claims that it can “urinate”.

  Cangzhu soup recipes and recipes:[Tang name]: Cangzhu winter gourd dampness soup[Health effect]: Spleen dryness, dispelling cold and relieving table Cangzhu can lower blood sugar, lower blood fat and lose weight.

Zexie water oozes and has obvious effects on the treatment of hyperlipidemia, diabetes, mild liver, and stroke recovery period.

Winter melon has always been a wonderful product for weight loss.

This soup can reduce weight and body weight, refreshing and nourishing health.

  [Materials]: 15 grams of Cangzhu, 15 grams of Alisma, 250 grams of winter melon, 500 grams of lean pork, ginger slices, salt, and chicken essence.

  [Cooking method]: 1.

Cangzhu, Zexie washed.

Wash the melon and cut into pieces.

Wash lean pork and cut into pieces.


Boil water in the pot. After the water is boiled, add lean pork and remove the blood.


Put Atractylodes macrocephala, Alisma orientalis, winter melon, lean pork, and ginger slices into the pot together, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil over high heat for 1 hour, then season.

Magic recipe for colds: honey lemonade

Magic recipe for colds: honey lemonade

A cold is not a serious illness, but it can be just as painful.

Now I will introduce some small recipes to relieve cold symptoms.

Drinking 8 large glasses of water every day for colds can replace sputum and snot.

Do not drink coffee, tea, cola or alcohol.

Both caffeine and alcohol promote the drainage of water and cause dehydration.

Rinse your mouth with warm saline and sterilize.

Drink hot chicken soup.

Although chicken soup cannot “cure” a cold, hot drinks can relieve throat discomfort.

Bed rest can accelerate recovery.

Cough drink warm water with honey and lemon, but children under 1 years old are forbidden.

You have a bad cough at night. You can raise your pillow and raise your head to help you breathe smoothly.

Nasal shower, breathing wet water vapor.

Drink plenty of water to help reduce sputum.

Continuous use of anti-nasal congestion sprays or drops, do not exceed 3-4 days.

Otherwise, it will lead to a decline in revenue, and long-term use may also irritate the nasal mucosa and cause chronic rhinitis.

Children with nasal congestion and cough. If fever is not high, do not take antipyretics immediately.

The Mayo Medical Center in the United States points out that as the temperature rises, the body is creating an environment that is not conducive to the survival of the virus.

However, if a high fever causes dehydration or convulsions, you must seek medical attention immediately.

Aspirin, a virus that can be infected in children, can cause Reye’s syndrome.

Therefore, children under 16 years of age should not eat when infected with the virus.

Children’s colds are prone to complications.

If your child has a fever of more than 40 degrees, chills, fever for more than 72 hours, vomiting, stomach pain, drowsiness, headache, dyspnea, persistent crying, ear pain and other symptoms, he should see a doctor immediately.

Sea cucumber

Sea cucumber

The masses along the coast of Vladivostok consider ordinary food as less valuable than the mainland.

  The taste is sweet, slightly salty and non-toxic.

  Contains protein and contains sugars, traces, calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

It also contains a small amount of iodine.

The amino acids contained in sea cucumber protein are arginine, deenzyme, histidine, and lysine.

  Function to make up for deficiencies.

Drink its juice to quench thirst, remove jaundice, and reduce edema.

  [高血压、血管硬化]  海参30克,冰糠适量,煮烂,每日空腹服。  [痔疮出血]  海参烧存性,研细粉,每次1.5 grams, add 6 grams of gelatin, simmer in half a cup of water until melted, then take rice soup on an empty stomach, twice a day.

Do you know the dangers of playing with your mobile phone without worrying about health?

Do you know the dangers of playing with your mobile phone without worrying about health?

In this fast-developing society, smart phones are not out of hand, and they exist on any occasion. It can be said that they are accompanied around the clock.

Mobile phones bring us aspects, but consent also brings a lot of problems. Its existence makes communication between family and friends less and less . Some people say “the most distant distance in the world is not life and death, even meSitting in front of you, you are playing with your phone.

“What a painful realization!


The mobile phone is a terrible “killer”, it has encroached on us for a short time, and it is even slowly eroding our bodies, making us pay a heavy health price.

  When you party, eat, go to the toilet, or even lie in the bed at night and admit that your beloved mobile phone is playing happily, have you considered the harm it brings to you?

Among them, do you know how deadly playing mobile phone before bed is to your health?

Or do you think it’s just for fun, so as alarmist?

Let ‘s take a look together and you will know how harmful it is!

  1. Disturbing schedules Mobile phones are full of temptations. Once the phone is brought to bed, the phenomenon of sleeping time will definitely occur. Long-term disruption of schedules will lead to insufficient sleep and loss of memory the next day.

  2. Reduce work efficiency. Paying attention to time will lead to prolonged sleep. The next day, lack of mental energy, cause concern and lack of concentration, will directly affect work and learning efficiency.

  3. Increasing the risk of obesity While disturbing melatonin secretion and rest time, cell phone light will also disrupt the control of high levels of hormone secretion, potentially increasing excessive risk.

  4, causing visual impairment Mobile phone screen light is too bright, it is easy to damage the eyes.

Relevant data proves that playing a mobile phone in the dark can cause excessive retina fatigue, which may damage vision, suffer from myopia, astigmatism, and vision problems.

  5, cervical spine problems Cervical spondylosis is recognized as a white-collar occupational disease, the cervical spine is already overwhelmed after a day of work, at this time the most needed is rest.

And if you return home at night and lower your head to play with your mobile phone, it is not good for the cervical spine. The degree of damage to the cervical spine and lumbar spine caused by the position of the head on the bed will cause neurological damage and spinal disease in the long term.

  6. It’s easy to hit myself. I believe that many of my friends have experienced being hit by their phones.

Lying down at night to play with your hands, you can easily reach your dumbbells or chest without holding your phone firmly.

Especially now that mobile phones are getting bigger and bigger, our chance of getting hurt will also increase.

Mania shape yoga attracts much attention

Mania shape yoga attracts much attention

1. Focus on hips, thighs and lower legs, align slightly, and straighten your upper body.

Move your right knee to the height of your hip bone, then lower your leg and extend it backwards, taking care not to land your feet.

This action should be done in 3 groups, each group repeated 15 times.

  Role: Good warm-up action, very effective exercise for the entire leg, chest and hips.

  TIPS: Slow movements and muscles should be in tension.

Pay attention to the degree of contraction and bending, you should always be able to see your toes throughout the movement.

  2. Lay down sideways for the waist and thighs, with the feet backwards and aligned, the hip bones and shoulders should be on a straight line.

Support your upper body, the position of the elbows should be directly below the shoulders, the shoulders should remain motionless, lift the hip fracture, and then lower.

This action should be done in 3 groups, each group repeated 12 times.

  Role: The muscles of the waist and thighs can be well exercised.

  TIPS: Shoulder should be dragged consciously at all times, to keep the shoulders from shaking back and forth.

  3. Lay down flat on the back of legs and thighs, straighten, feet on the ground, and the upper and lower parts of the legs should be tight and up.

Lift your hips upwards and keep your shoulders on the ground. When your hip bones reach their highest point, clamp your elbows firmly.

  Benefits: Chest and thigh muscles become firm and firm.

  Tip: Slow motion adjustments and hard work.

  4. Lie flat on the abdomen, raise your legs, keep your calves horizontally on the chair.

Cross your hands behind your head, with your elbows facing outward and your upper body off the ground.

Lower your upper body, lean your knees toward your chest, and lower your legs.

This action should be done in 3 groups, each group repeated 10 times.

  Role: The entire abdominal muscles are maximally exercised.

  Tip: Pay attention to inhalation and abdomen during the whole process.

  5. Lie flat on the abdomen and waist, raise your legs, keep your calves on the chair horizontally.

Make your hands hug ball in front of your chest, turn your waist and hands at the same time to draw a circle, make a small rotation of your waist, and keep the rest of your body still.

This action should be done in 3 sets of 10 laps each with 5 laps in each direction.

  Role: Let you have charming waist lines.

The abdominal muscles are fully exercised, and the upper abdomen and lower abdomen are also exercised.

  Tip: Pay attention to inhalation and abdomen during the whole process.

Women’s Whitening and Beauty Herbal Recipe-Poria Pear

Women’s Whitening and Beauty Herbal Recipe-Poria Pear

[Raw materials]15 grams of Poria, 10 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiong, 1000 grams of pear, 500 grams of honey, and moderate sugar.


Wash Poria, cut into small squares; Fritillaria chuanxiong is washed and washed; Pear is washed, pediced and cut into small cubes.


Put Poria and Fritillaria in an aluminum pan, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook over medium heat, then add pears, honey, and rock sugar until the pears are cooked and ready to serve.

  [Features]Tangxian, sweet, can eat pear, Poria, drink soup.

  [Hint]When dicing pears, remove seeds and cores.

  [Explanation]This dish is made from the main ingredients of pear and Poria cocos, which is cooked by Fritillaria chuanxiong.

Pears have the effects of clearing heat and regenerating Jin, moisturizing the lungs and phlegm, relieving cough and asthma.

Poria has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, relieving water and dampness, soothing the nerves, strengthening the body, beautifying the face, and adding spirit.

Poria contains Poria cocos polysaccharide, which can enhance the immune function of the human body and has a certain anti-disease effect, especially for senile edema and obesity.

Fritillaria chuanchuan cough and phlegm, asthma, heat and lungs medicine.

The combination of several things, its heat-clearing lungs, Shengjinzhike and asthma effect is enhanced.

It can be used for beauty, anti-aging, smooth and delicate skin, and full of elasticity.

New Mommy body shaping aerobics

New Mommy body shaping aerobics

“Health is the greatest wealth in life,” says the Bible.

This is especially important for women who are officially entering the mommy community and busy with their babies and their lives.

In the fatigue and fatigue, still have a pleasant health; when you love to take care of your baby, call back the graceful and graceful figure.

One of the most authentic secrets is to fall in love with aerobics – the healthiest and most energetic sport!

  To win aerobics for the body and release the fascinating youthful vitality, hurry up – what is aerobics to know about aerobics and to be friends with aerobics, of course, first come to know the glamorous it!

Aerobic exercise (aerobic exercise), collectively referred to as aerobic exercise, refers to exercise that provides energy by aerobic metabolism, characterized by low intensity, rhythm, uninterrupted, and long duration.

This exercise process increases the body’s inhalation, delivery and use of oxygen, increases the body’s oxygen consumption, and improves respiratory and cardiovascular function.

  Stepping fast, walking fast, jogging, running, climbing, boating, cycling and other outdoor sports, as well as a variety of aerobics with music accompaniment, or using some sports equipment, including rowing machines, treadmills, or in-situ bicyclesEtc., are all forms of aerobic exercise.

Therefore, the Mommy can choose a few aerobic exercises according to their own preferences and time, and cooperate with each other to create the fun, which will be the driving force for your persistence!

  How about the wonderful aerobic exercise, whether it has already produced a good impression on aerobic exercise, and then appreciate the five great benefits of it, absolutely make the moms willingly become “aerobic” fans!


Healthy Express Aerobics makes human muscles get ten times more oxygen than usual, thereby promoting the body’s metabolism, reducing the body’s carcinogenic factors and virulence factors, increasing vitality, relieving stress and relaxing.

Most suitable for a busy woman who is doing Mommy.


Significant aging significantly improves the function of the cerebral cortex and cardiopulmonary system, maintains the vitality of the nervous system, and increases the amount of anti-aging substances in the body, and the aging and degeneration of the physiological functions of muscles, heart and other organs.


Combustion is easy and easy to maintain, and it is easy to maintain aerobic exercise, which can help the body to be in an “aerobic” state, thus truly burning the body’s misfortune.

If you combine the aerobic exercise while properly arranging food, you can lose weight successfully, and the weight after losing weight will not rebound annoyingly!


Refreshing aerobic exercise is the knowledge of mental workers. When you feel your brain is tired, exercising in the brain can restore the function of the brain to 58%. If you do not exercise to choose medicine, the function of the brain can only be restored.40-50%.


Quick and exciting aerobic exercise is a quick way to actively restore your physical fitness. When you are very tired, if you join an exciting healthy group for fitness, you will be able to restore fullness and relax.

These eight kinds of food are not easy for the child until one year old

These eight kinds of food are not easy for the child until one year old

Diet should be balanced, but for babies before one year of age, because the gastrointestinal tract is not fully developed, in order to avoid increasing the burden on their gastrointestinal tract and reduce the chance of causing allergies, some foods should not be contacted prematurely . 1, honey  Dangerous point: Although botulinum-containing bacteria sometimes have the benefits of drinking honey water, honey is not sterilized during the manufacturing process to avoid damaging the ingredients, so it may contain botulinum bacteria, which may cause botulism in infants under one year old.Tobacco poisoning is recommended for babies under one year of age.

  2. Peanut butter danger point: ingredients are easy to cause allergic reactions; preservation is susceptible to aflatoxin contamination.

  Peanut itself contains arachidonic acid, which is an essential fatty acid required by the human body. Human cells will use this acid to synthesize prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are well-known natural inflammatory substances in the human body, which easily cause allergies and inflammatory reactions.

If the family has inherited food allergies, it is best to avoid feeding peanut products before the age of one.

  3. Dangerous points of fresh milk: The ingredients are not easy to absorb fresh milk. Nutrition should be supplemented, but babies before one year old are not suitable, mainly because the casein protein in fresh milk has a large molecular structure, which is not easy to break down and cannot be used by babies under one year old.Absorption; and if some of the baby’s intermediates do not have enough lactase to break down glucose, it will cause irritation and affect defecation function; plus certain minerals may increase the baby’s high blood pressure, cause children to have chronic dehydration and dry stoolAnd other symptoms.

  4, protein danger point: ingredients are easy to cause allergic reactions. Eggs are rich in high-quality proteins, as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals and multivitamins. It is just that the baby’s digestive ability before the age of one cannot afford the rich nutritional ingredients.Adding the ingredients in the protein can easily cause allergic reactions, so infants who start eating non-staple food must eat egg yolk first.

  5. Dangerous point of seafood: Poor preservation and easy to spoil cause allergic reactions. The main problem of seafood lies in the fact that it is not easy to spoil, and corrupt seafood is easy to cause allergy.

Babies with inadequate development of gastrointestinal tract function are already a little sensitive, and their body reactions to unclean food are often more adult. Therefore, it is recommended to eat less before one year old.

  6. Dangerous points of legume products: High allergens and easily inflated gas The protein contained in legumes is already a high allergen, plus a large amount of oligosaccharides is not easy to be digested, and it is easy to cause inflated gas, and the baby with thin abdominal wall musclesIn terms of symptoms, bloating is prone to occur. If you take in bloated beans, it will be more like a “sorrow.” So, beans, such as soy milk, dried tofu, tofu, red beans, and mung beans, keep their distance for the time being.La!

  7. Citrus danger points: Moulting can easily stimulate gastric acid secretion. Usually after the baby is four to six months old, the mother will start to let the baby drink a changed juice. It is recommended to avoid eating pure juice of citrus fruits at this time.Vitamin C and fruit acid can easily stimulate the baby’s stomach and cause gastric juice to reflux.

  8. Dangerous point of pickled foods: The substances added to the grains to burden the pickled foods will not be able to smoothly metabolize the babies with weak gastrointestinal function, which will inevitably be a heavy burden, and it will also affect the baby’s taste and sense of food, let aloneIt is said that nitrite contained in pickled foods is a high-risk carcinogen. Avoid it if you can avoid it. Don’t eat it too early if you can delay it!