Old people, more chat, less disease

Old people, more chat, less disease

The new things in the society, the chores in life, the trivial things happening around, the old people have come across a lot of conversations, and it’s been a few hours of a chat. Wang Aunt feels very happy.

But Aunt Wang’s daughter is very disapproving. She thinks it is meaningless market chat, advises her mother to find something to do, or cultivate some hobbies, such as raising flowers and plants.

  For this phenomenon, psychologists have some other reasons: Do not look at the chat, in fact, gossip can help the elderly to regain their social life, effectively integrate into the social group, let go of loneliness, and help themBroaden your horizons.

  There is a genre in psychology. It is recognized that in the process of psychological counseling, listening and talking are the main treatment methods.

After the confidant vented his grievances and mental pains, psychological pain and disease eased most of the time.

Chatting provides a platform for the elderly to express, vent and participate.

There are also some experience in the elderly to properly exchange some fitness and health care experience, to prevent and treat diseases, and to help the elderly get more knowledge about disease prevention.

  Gossip makes the facial muscles fully exercise, so that the vocal organs, respiratory organs, hearing, and visual nerves are all exercised.

Professor Hong Zhaoguang, a well-known national health education expert, compiled a “sound therapy” song to summarize the benefits of chat communication.

“It’s wonderful to talk about treatments, and it’s effective in preventing and curing diseases.

A chat with the two sides misunderstood, two chat everyone is in a good mood, three chat can cure high blood pressure, four chat can eliminate the tumor.

The treatment is relieved and depressed, and the treatment improves the resistance.

Every day, three or four times, the family is happy and sweet.

Chloasma is not a worry

Chloasma is not a worry

Married women should be very familiar with melasma. Melasma often occurs before and after childbirth, and it is common in complications, around the nose and mouth.

The face of chloasma women is affected.

Traditional Chinese medicine points out that the main cause is insufficient kidney yin, kidney water cannot be carried on, or liver qi stagnation, liver dysfunction, stagnation of heat, burns of yin and blood, resulting in loss of facial qi and blood, and Chinese medicine acupuncture can regulate the liver andQi and blood, to achieve the purpose of treating melasma.

The following Xiaobian will introduce in detail: acupuncture treatment of melasma: 1, liver stasis and qi stagnation: Renmai meridian must be taken.

  Between the lines, Taichong, Qihai, Sanyinjiao, acupuncture dredge qi and blood glory and freckle.

Chest bulge full Zhangjiamen, waist and knees plus Shenshu.

  2. Kidney Deficiency and Fire Prosperity (Kidney and Liver Deficiency) Take Ganshu, Shenshu, Zusanli, Guan Yuan and Mingmen.

(Yijingxue, liver and kidney) The above points nourish liver and kidney to regulate qi and blood, nourish yin and spot.

  3. Spleen Deficiency and Wet Resistance: Pishu, Shenshu, Sanyinjiao, Zusanli.

Abdominal distension in accordance with the conditions: diarrhea, qi and sea; stool: Tianshu.

  In addition, acupuncture or stabbing at the skin lesion is mainly to clear the local qi and blood.

You can also take Liuwei Dihuang Wan, Jiawei Xiaoyao Pill, etc. with your card.

1 course of 10 times every 20-30 minutes every other day.

  TCM believes that the occurrence of melasma is related to the following pathogenesis: 1. Unsatisfactory emotions lead to liver qi stagnation, poor ventilation, and blood and blood cannot be honored; 2, diet is not good, damage to the spleen and stomach, and spleen loses health.Stopping inside the water, dysfunction of qi and blood, face loss of face; 3, loss of old age, kidney yin palsy, leading to deficiency and inflammation, skin loss of health, the nature of the kidney spreads over the face; 4, qi due to wind and bloodDisagreement, can’t keep up.

  Clinical manifestations: light brown or brown plaques, irregularly shaped and often symmetrically distributed around the lips, forehead, palate, retina, nose, eye corners, temples, etc., some were butterfly-shaped, without symptoms, and some patients in the early stageReddish and faint spots will not be found. Once discovered, they have grown very continuously, deepening in spring and summer, and lighter in autumn and winter.

  Types of TCM syndrome differentiation: 1. Liver depression and qi stagnation: plaques on the face, soft waist and knees, irritability, irritation of the chest and chest, dark or purple patches on the tongue, thin moss, and thin pulse.

  2. Deficiency of the kidney and fire: there are spots on the face, sometimes dark brown patches, and some are accompanied by weakness in the waist and knees, fatigue, weakness, redness, and sometimes thin veins.

  3. Spleen Deficiency and Wet Resistance: The facial spots are yellow-brown, the stomach is full of appetite, the tongue is pale and the veins are greasy.

  Self-regulation for melasma: 1. Pay attention to diet and eat more foods containing vitamin C; 2, regular work and rest, work and rest to ensure extra sleep; 3, to maintain a comfortable mood, avoid worry, irritability; 4,Avoid sunlight.

  5, avoid abuse of cosmetics.

  6. Avoid excessive mental stress.

  7, adhere to exercise and improve physical fitness.

Learn these three traditional Chinese medicine recipes

Learn these three traditional Chinese medicine recipes

Click to buy to mention staying up late, many people are fearless, but when it comes to death, people will be filled with fear.

In recent years, many scientific studies have shown that staying up late is staying up. People who stay up late for long periods of time may even lose their physical functions and may die prematurely!

  Staying up late has 6 major damages to the body1, hair loss: often staying up late will cause endocrine disorders, and the endocrine is repeatedly disordered, and the hair will fall unknowingly . 2, long wrinkles: the skin on the face is easy to relax all night long,The corners of the eyes and mouth are prone to wrinkles, and the eyes will become swollen, which will leave a sensational impression of aging and sickness.

  3, Neurasthenia: Although staying up late for a while, the next day, dizziness, drowsiness, forgetfulness, distracted attention and other symptoms of neurasthenia will come to your door, affecting your efficiency of learning and work.

  4, vision loss: In addition to staying up late will bring you a pair of panda eyes, will by the way take away your good vision.

During the rest time, if the eyes are forced to “buy their heads and work hard”, after a long time, it will produce various resistances, reminding you through the performance of dryness, tearing, fatigue, vision loss, etc., it is time to “let it goHorse “.

  5. Increased risk of sudden death: In recent years, news reports of sudden death caused by staying up late abound, although staying up late is not the direct cause of sudden death, but the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, and so on staying up late for a long time increases, thereby indirectlyTo cause death.

  6. Increased risk of disease: Good sleep is good for improving immune system function and improving human body’s resistance. If you stay up late for a long time, the immune function will decrease, and the human body will be susceptible to the invasion of surrounding bacteria and viruses, thus suffering from various diseases, such asRespiratory diseases such as colds, pneumonia, gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea, abdominal pain.

  3 types of dietary treatments to save the stagnation of the human body caused by staying up late all night, showing dark circles on the face, dull complexion, long spots, wrinkles, etc., in Chinese medicine, it is about equal to qi and yin deficiency, or even yin deficiency.Wangwang, therefore, the food therapy party who stays up late will adjust the symptoms of Qi deficiency and yin deficiency, specifically to nourish qi and nourish yin, and when yin deficiency and fire are already occurring, the conditioning method of nourishing yin and reducing fire can be appropriately increased.

The following recommended several conditioning methods suitable for staying up late conditioning: 1.

Shenqi Wuji Decoction[Recipe]American Ginseng 15g, Astragalus 15g, Black Chicken: 250g, Chenpi 10g, 5 dates[Effect]Astragalus: good at nourishing qi and spleen; American ginseng, slightly sweet and cold, can nourish qi and nourishOvercast.

Long-term sleep deprivation is most likely to cause fire and inflammation, which can cause sore throat, dizziness, upset sores, American ginseng “tonicate the lungs, reduce fire, and get rid of tiredness.

It is suitable for those who are fictitious and have fire. ”

Black-bone chicken nourishes yin and nourishes, and is rich in amino acids and cholesterol; shiitake mushrooms are fresh and greasy, and the skin is refreshed with qi and appetizers; a little jujube can be used to replenish the Chinese herbs.

  Therefore, this diet is suitable for staying up all night long, dissipating yin fluid, fatigue, fatigue, dry mouth, less food, dizziness and yellow.


Wuzhi Maotao Dongzao Soup[Recipe]30 grams of Wuzhi Maotao, 15 grams of Aspartame, 5 jujubes[Effect]Wuzhi Maotao has the effects of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, nourishing qi and spleen, removing dampness and stagnation, and inevitably spring, summer, autumn and winter, men, women and childrenAll are edible.

“Shen Nong’s Compendium of Materia Medica” listed Ophiopogon as the top grade for nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, saying that it “is long-wearing and light-weight, not old and unfortunate.”

Jujube: strengthening the spleen and nourishing blood.

  Therefore, this diet therapy is more suitable for those who suffer from chronic lack of sleep, darkened eyes, decreased physical fitness, insufficient gas, and fatigue.


Chrysanthemum Chinese wolfberry meat tea[Recipe]5 grams of chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, 10 grams of medlar, 10 grams of sesame meat, drink tea[effect]Hangbai chrysanthemum has the effect of dispersing wind and heat, calming the liver and clearing the eyes, medlar tonifying the kidney, improving the eyesight, and nourishing the liver and eyesight”, The blood to soothe the nerves, Shengjin to quench thirst; Yuan Shen” Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic “:” The main five internal organs evil spirits, An Zhi, anorexia, Jiufu strong soul, smart.

“So this tea has the effect of clearing the liver and clearing eyes, nourishing qi and blood, and is suitable for staying up late for brewing.

  Although these dietary treatments have some remedial effects, staying up late after all has a great impact on the body.

Tobacco and alcohol are especially harmful

Tobacco and alcohol are especially harmful

The latest research by American scientists has shown that “separating tobacco and alcohol” is not a psychological habit, or even a physical reason.

And the combination of nicotine, alcohol and “narcotics” is particularly harmful to health.

  Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center in a scientific journal published in the July issue of “Clinical Experiments on Alcoholism” said in animal experiments that they found that nicotine in cigarettes can significantly reduce the alcohol concentration in the blood.Smokers on average drink more than non-smokers.

  Scientists point out that revival drinkers are pursuing a “poisoning” effect.

Because nicotine can reduce the alcohol concentration in the blood, smokers who are full of alcohol can not get this feeling quickly, so they need to drink more alcohol.

Although nicotine can reduce the alcohol concentration, it cannot simultaneously reduce the acetaldehyde produced during the decomposition of alcohol, which causes acetaldehyde to cause more poison to the brain, liver, heart and other organs.

Pore clogging measures say no to orange peel face

Pore clogging measures say no to orange peel face

With age, have you noticed that when you look in the mirror, large pores gradually spread on the T-shaped and cheeks, the orange peel makes people look older.
Regardless of whether you are born or have pore problems caused by improper maintenance, as long as the right medicine is used, the method will benefit, and it can still be improved.
  Grease-type pores Location: T-shaped Features: The front end of the pores is blocked by oil and cuticles, making acne and sebum unable to be discharged, and white protrusions on the skin surface.
  Solution: Adjust the secretion of oil, and go to the beauty salon for purification treatment.
  Blocked pores Location: Nose, Chin U and T zones Features: Dirt and cutin on the oil will block the pores and form acne, and after the oxidation of the lipid, it will become a rough blackhead.
  Solution: Pay more attention to daily cleaning, do regular deep cleaning to remove blackheads and dirt in pores.
  Location of open pores: on both sides of the cheeks Features: aging of the skin and inadequate care on weekdays can lead to the loss of collagen, making the pores loose or oval.
  Solution: Make skin rejuvenation treatments regularly, choose products that activate cells and reduce pores.
  Grease-type pore countermeasures suck excess oil away, the only way to deal with a large amount of exuberant fat is to suck it all out!
After removing excess sebum, prevent pores from expanding again. This is the best way to deal with “grease” pores.
  The residual oil is completely sucked out of the sebum secreted by, which brings more than just waste. After repeated oil absorption, the sticky residue of oil will still adhere to the pores and enlarge the pores.
So if you want your pores to be completely invisible, choose an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory cleansing product to clean it.
  First aid lotion, SAY STOP to excess sebum!
  Mm of oily skin will find that noon is the time for oil to overflow!
If you want to avoid the embarrassment of luster, use a lotion with oil control effect to solve it. You can also use a spray to clean the surface oil, and then use an oil control lotion to suppress the luster.
  Oil-controlling lotion to enhance sebum conditioning. Many oily pores seem to have infinite shine, but in fact, this type of skin is often very dehydrated.
At this time, an oil-controlling lotion is needed, which can moisturize the cells of the muscle floor while conditioning excess sebum to solve the fundamental problem.
  巧用吸油纸,为全脸洗个澡  虽然可以用控油化妆水来去油,但不能完全消灭多余的皮脂,这时候出动吸油面纸就可以彻底吸净了,但注意一天只能用一张Oh.
  Countermeasures for clogged pores: peeling blackheads and whiteheads is the best way. The sebum and keratin remaining in the pores will eventually form blackheads or whiteheads through the “combined action” of acidification, pollution and ultraviolet rays.
To solve this type of pores, we must first separate them from the pores and then perform astringent care to achieve the ultimate goal of cleaning.
  Hard cleaning methods such as slackening pores and releasing blackheads, tear-off nose patches or blackhead sticks can easily damage our fragile pores, causing them to become larger and more terrible.
Let’s try washing out blackheads with pore cleaning products. Relax the pores first, and then let the blackheads fall off naturally.
  Worried that the nose is like a strawberry nose?
Then wipe all the blackheads!
Use a cotton pad to apply exfoliating lotion to clean the skin. This simple method can easily improve strawberry nose problems.
  Make a plan and do deep cleaning periodically!
  Once a week’s deep exfoliation is not enough to remove stubborn blackheads, we can more concentratedly apply deep cleansing or exfoliating products to the particularly obvious parts of blackheads, then gently massage with a cotton swab and rinse.
  Tightening care is the focus of reducing pores. Blackheads think it’s okay after coming out?
This can be a big mistake. After the blackheads come out, the pores will be enlarged. At this time, tight pores can be completely tightened. Open pore countermeasures 对 Close the open pores is the key!
Don’t think that only excess sebum will cause pore troubles. In fact, the main reason for the formation of open pores is dryness and aging.
When the skin loses its ability to support, the pores will become more and more “large”. If you want to “close” this type of pores, you must not forget the anti-aging and hydration.
  Shrink sagging pores and tighten!
  Acidification and aging will make the skin sag and lose elasticity.
When the skin around the pores also loses its elasticity, the pores will open up and appear relaxed.
Choosing a product with firming and anti-aging effects can ameliorate this problem.
  Hydrates + Essence to tighten large pores!
  For the large pores left by dryness or acne, we should choose the dual “offensive” of lotion + serum to solve.
After applying the lotion to replenish moisture, add a nourishing firming essence to nourish it for better improvement.  Decreasing the skin temperature and reducing the surface temperature of the pore cold shrinkage can also drive the pores to shrink.

The hydrating products can reduce the temperature of the skin surface, and at the same time replenish the pores with water, so as to shrink the pores.

In addition, the regular hydrating spray can solve the pore blockage at any time.

  Double cold compress to completely tighten pores!

  After cleansing, gently insert a large area of pores with an ice towel to become sedated; and then apply the cold-stained cotton pads to the surface. Such a double cold compress method will surely converge the open pores.

The holy product of honey beauty

The holy product of honey beauty

Women are very afraid of getting old. All the purpose of women’s beauty is to make themselves slower and slower.

So women are always desperately looking for anti-aging beauty products.

And we all know that honey is the longest shelf life food in the world.

Honey beauty is also a method often used by many women.

  Afraid of you, you know that the large amount of antioxidants contained in honey can also fight aging!

Generally speaking, the glucose and fructose in honey are very rich, can be absorbed by the stomach and intestines, can reduce the burden of digestion in the stomach, and is an excellent daily drink or seasoning.

Recently, the latest research by the University of Illinois (Journal of Beekeeping Research) found that the common edible honey contains many antioxidants that are effective in preventing diseases, and darker honey contains lighter honey.high!

  The so-called “antioxidant substances” refers to a general term for a group of compounds that can neutralize harmful free radicals produced by the normal metabolism of the human body to prevent the occurrence of diseases. This substance has been widely found in natural substitutions. The most famous isVitamin C, Vitamin E, have long been the face of beauty anti-aging, and recently discovered green tea, Portuguese wine and pine bark are also rich in such substances. Researchers believe that because honey comes from plants, so the honey in honeyAntioxidants are also substances contained in these natural plants. It is estimated that about 20 different types of honey are collected and then analyzed by chemical analysis. This indicates that the antioxidants contained in honey vary from place to place.Deep honey has a higher content, and the difference in content between different honeys can be as much as 20 times.

  Since the ancient Greek medical ancestor Hippocrates, it has been regarded as a magical medicine by many different civilizations, and propolis, beeswax and other products are richer in a variety of antibacterial substances and are regarded as strong antibacterial agents and health food.The discovery made a note of the efficacy of honey.

Finally, Sherry wants to remind readers that although honey is a very recommended food, it is not very suitable for feeding babies, because many natural honeys contain Clostridium botulinum bacteria. Adult stomach acid can kill these bacteria.But babies don’t necessarily have enough stomach acid to kill these bacteria, so be careful.

Emergency stop!

Weight loss

Emergency stop!
Weight loss

Now many fashionable women go online to copy prescriptions to lose weight. It is recommended that patients go to the hospital for consultation before taking the medicine, because they are likely to take the medicine randomly and form habitual constipation.

  Xiao Lu was hooked on the combination of rhubarb + green tea for “diet therapy” to lose weight.

After drinking for two months, Xiaorou began to defecate several times a day and became habitual constipation. “Now I can’t get down without eating rhubarb.

“” The abuse of rhubarb causes a lot of patients with habitual constipation.

“Dr. Gao said that habitual constipation is not the most serious.” Some patients even eat kidney damage, which is too costly.

The harm of using “Xiao Fang” by yourself is not just as simple as habitual constipation.

Xiao Zhao is in his early 20s and is of medium build.

She always hoped that she would be thinner. She searched the Internet for a pure natural “cassia seed + raw hawthorn” tea recipe that many netizens admired.

After taking it for a month, Xiao Zhao felt dark before his eyes, and found out after going to the hospital that he had had hypotension.

Dr. Gao said that she also encountered a patient who had taken bezoar detoxification tablets for a long time to lose weight in the outpatient clinic. “This patient knows the manufacturers. It takes no money to eat bezoar detoxification tablets. It has become a habit for a long time.Patients with constipation are suffering.

“Many patients think that traditional Chinese medicine is non-toxic and harmless, and watching others eat” quite good “, so they copied it and took it.

Gao Jianhong said that because of the different physical constitutions, some small recipes are “good recipes” for one person, and may be “fierce recipes” for another person.

Chinese medicine pays attention to “tailoring”, so she advises everyone to be cautious even taking Xiaofangzi.

  Modern medicine believes that being too fat or too thin is not good for your health.

Xu Yuan, chief physician of the Department of Endocrinology, Chaoyang Hospital, said that if you really need to lose weight, then in the three main ways to lose weight, it is recommended that you choose diet and exercise to lose weight, do not blindly carry out drug weight loss, let alone believe in weight loss drugs and weight loss teaPublicity.

If you need to take weight-loss pills, it is best to consult a doctor in the endocrinology clinic in advance; if you need to take weight-loss pills, you must also cooperate with diet and exercise therapy, so that it is more scientific and effective.

Eat quail eggs often to strengthen the brain and protect eyesight


Eat quail eggs often to strengthen the brain and protect eyesight

The office workers use too much brainpower. In order to supplement their brains, many people will choose to eat this pill often, that vegetarian.

In fact, with spending so much money on “chemical food”, it is better to eat a few quail eggs every day. This is a natural “bunao pill”.

  Quail eggs can be said to be the best supplement for mental workers.

Professor Chai Ruizhen, Honorary President of the Chinese Modern Medical Association, has a special preference for quail eggs. “I usually eat quail eggs more often than eggs. Although the protein in quail eggs is small, it is comparable to eggs, but the ratio of lecithin and brain phospholipid in itEggs are 3 feet higher?
Four times, these two substances are nutrients that are not ingested by advanced nerve activities. They are often eaten to strengthen the brain and supplement the brain.

  Moreover, riboflavin content in quail eggs is also 2 in eggs.

5 times, it also has a good protective effect on the eyesight of the office workers who are facing the computer all day.

Because the nutritional molecules in quail eggs are smaller, they are easier to absorb and use than eggs.

  The reason why quail eggs are better than tonic pills is also because the vitamin D content in quail eggs is higher, which is unmatched by other poultry eggs.

Researchers from the University of Manchester in England tested more than 3,000 men in eight European cities and found that people with high vitamin D levels performed better on tests of brain memory and information processing.

  The cholesterol of quail eggs is not high. Research data show that the cholesterol content of quail eggs per hundred grams is 515 mg, and that of eggs is 585 mg. The cholesterol of quail eggs is lower than that of eggs.

Many people reduce the volume of egg yolk because of plasma problems. In fact, in addition to the phospholipid-containing starch, egg yolk is also rich in lecithin. Instead, it can emulsify plasma and trace amounts of blood into the blood vessel wall and directly for tissue use.Fine particles, so the concentration of blood plasma will not generally increase after eating egg yolk.

In terms of cooking methods, it has never been quail eggs or eggs. It is best to eat them in a steamed or boiled manner. The digestion and absorption rate can basically reach 100%.

10 details you must know for perfect sleep

10 details you must know for perfect sleep

The bedroom lighting is a three-dimensional system.

Installing spotlights on the wall and placing a table lamp on the side table can supplement the main light source in the room.

  I believe you know how important it is to have perfect sleep.

But how can we create a good sleep environment?

YOKA comes to tell you!


Perfect bedroom lighting. The bedroom is a place to sleep, so the lighting used should be an alternative to soft, warm and relaxing.

The total light source should come from the ceiling, but you can also add some auxiliary light sources according to your needs.

For example, installing a lamp above the closet can quickly find what you want.

  For your convenience, you can add a bedside light beside the bed so that you can turn on the light without leaving the bed.

If you like to read on the bed, you can install a wall lamp or a small table lamp on the bedside. The installation height should be limited to the whole book. In order to make the light softer and better, it is best to add a lampshade on it.

  Tips: 1.

Fluorescent lamps are not suitable for use in the bedroom.


The wall lamp or table lamp used in the bedroom is best to add a movable arm or lampshade, and the brake adjusts the direction of the light.

  Bedding with good feel is a guarantee of perfect sleep.


The gentle and considerate bedding is based on the individual’s physical and thermal sensations to choose the thickness of the quilt. If you are afraid of cold, you may need a warmer quilt, and vice versa.

  Quilt covers and bed sheets can be selected according to personal preferences for materials. Generally speaking, cotton products are better. When buying, pay attention to the increase in the number and density of cotton products, the more comfortable the hand feel, and the more resistant to washing.

  Tips: 1.

Should the quilt be 40 larger than the bed?
60 cm.


The duvet is usually composed of two filling materials: down and feather.

The quality of feathers is related to the size and shape of the feathers. The smaller the feather, the better. However, the warmth of the quilt has nothing to do with the weight of the feathers. At the same time, the feathers can increase the elasticity of the quilts.

Two duvets of the same weight, a duvet with a higher amount of down, has better warmth.


The duvet is suitable for drying in a more ventilated place. Because the duvet contains animal faeces, it is best not to expose it under strong sunlight. It can only be exposed for a few minutes at a time, otherwise the warmth of the quilt will be discounted.


Change your bedding at least every two weeks and wash with 60 seconds or more of water.

Quilts and pillows should also be cleaned regularly.


Do not use vacuum cleaners or carpet taps on down products, which will cause down hair to be harmful.

  You can also add more personality to your bedroom while guaranteeing a comfortable price.

For example, veil and crystal lights can add femininity to the bedroom.


The overall color match with the overall color of the bedroom is mainly based on personal preference. It is safer to use light colors (white, rice, gray, brown) as the tone, and add various patterns and sizes of jewelry (size cushions, curtains, etc.) according to personal preferences.Various ornaments, etc.) to add interest.

The advantage of light colors is that they can be easily matched with accessories, which can be decorated according to the season, and other color elements can be added with confidence.

The warm colors (red, orange, yellow) fill the interior with warmth.  At the same time, the forward direction of the room must be considered.

Cooler rooms are better for rooms facing south and sunny; warmer rooms are better for darker rooms facing north.

  Tips: 1.

Using light, monochrome series and white ceilings can “enlarge” the bedroom area, while using dark, eye-catching colors and dark ceilings make the room area significantly smaller.


Using the same color elements can enhance the sense of calm and peace.

  Putting on a soft wool rug in front of the bed will make you feel good when you get up.


Orientation of Chinese traditional bedroom “Feng Shui” Of the traditional bedroom “Feng Shui” rule, the most important thing is of course the position of the bed.

Simple judgment criteria include the following: 1.

The bedside facing the wall can stabilize your life.


The beam should not be above the bed, that is, the ceiling should be early.


The sides of the bed should be balanced.

Furniture such as bedside tables is best placed in pairs.


Pay attention to the direction of the bed and surrounding objects: if the bedroom is long and the bed is placed in the middle of the bedroom, the head of the bed should not be close to the window; there should be no mirror reflection in front of the bed;Conspicuous location.


If there are some small decorations in the bedroom, it is best to look at the meaning of the decorations: is it cute and peaceful, does it reflect family togetherness or loneliness?

  The combination of multiple types of curtains makes sleep more comfortable.

Venetian blinds can adjust the intensity of light, while dark vertical curtains can fully block the light and protect sleep from being disturbed.


Curtains that protect sleep are based on people’s different needs and habits. Pay attention to the choice of curtains: For those who need a very dark environment before falling asleep, you can use shade curtains or window stickers, linen or other thick fabrics; you can also use venetian blinds.
If you need some light when you sleep or if you like to have sunlight coming out of the window when you wake up, you can use thin curtains, or roman blinds that can be filtered; in addition, vertical curtains that can be half open are also a good choice.

  Comfortable pajamas, spoil your sleep more.


Some small details: slippers, pajamas spread a good-quality rug in front of the bed, so that the first time you wake up in the morning, you can feel comfortable; prepare a pair of comfortable slippers and a suit of pajamas for yourselfIndispensable.

  Pajamas are best selected from cotton or cotton-based synthetic fibers. The material is soft and breathable, which can reduce skin irritation.

The contradiction when choosing pajamas is the rule of fit.

In general, choose a slightly looser size to use essential oils in the bedroom, which has a relaxing effect and helps improve sleep quality.


Essential oils and aromatherapy essential oils suitable for bedroom use include chamomile, geranium, lavender, sage, lemon, etc. These essential oils have a relaxing effect, especially lavender, which can give the bedroom a relaxing aura and is very good for sleepMay help.

  You can also spray the replaced essential oil in the air and sprinkle it on the carpet.

Or use it in the process of washing, drying, storing bed linen, bed covers and other bedroom appliances.

  Healthy pillows with different heights on both sides can meet different sleep needs.


Pillows to Relieve Tiredness Pillows should be selected based on your sleeping habits.

People who are used to lying on their backs should choose a high pillow, while those who lie on their side should have higher pillows. Those who like to sleep on their backs, it is better to choose a low pillow.

  The number of pillows required is determined by the sleeping position and the curves of the head and neck and the upper part of the spine. It is recommended to use two thin pillows. When using two pillows, the bottom one should be slightly firm and the top one should be soft.
  Tips: 1.

The comfort and elasticity of down pillows can be maintained for 5 years; chemical fiber pillows are basically the same as down products depending on its fillings; the better quality silicon fibers can resist entanglement when cleaning, and can last longer.

Healthy pillows with different heights on both sides are suitable for people’s different sleeping positions: the high side is used for side sleepers and the low side is used for supine sleepers.


When sleeping, your pillow should not allow your head and body to have a large angle. Instead, keep your head and neck and chest straight.


Do not wash down products more than twice a year, chemical fiber products can be washed at will.

Make sure that the down is completely dry before use, otherwise it is easy to mold.


If you just change and change the bedding, just put the replaced bedding in a ventilated cotton storage bag. If stored in a box or other air-tight container, filled with plastic bags, it is easy to mold.

  Smaller mini speakers can be used in the bedroom.

The hanging installation makes it quick and lighter.

Stylish colors are also easier to integrate into the home.


Home stereos that play soothing music Before buying bedroom stereos, you must first consider the visible distance, and choose different types of stereos according to different distances.

In addition, for the bedroom, it is better not to use high-power audio equipment, otherwise it will damage our hearing.

Mini speakers are a good choice, and they don’t overlap too much space.

  Couples can choose their own folding mats to fit on the double bed, and then spread a mattress on the mattress to improve the quality of sleep.


Comfortable mattresses When choosing a mattress, you must consider several factors such as height, weight, and different types of mattresses: those who are tall should choose harder mattresses; those who are lighter should choose softer mattressesMattress.

The best way to find the mattress that best fits your sleeping habits is to lie down and try.

  In addition, if the spouse’s body shape is broken, you can choose the slender pads that are suitable for you and spell on the double bed, and put a bed cover on the mattress.

  For those who already have spinal problems, choose a harder mattress to keep the spine level during sleep.

  Tips: 1.

Best 8?
Replace the mattress every 9 years.


For three months after you buy a mattress, you should turn the mattress every two weeks (you should ask someone to help you when you turn the mattress, and don’t try it alone).

Do not bend the mattress, otherwise the internal springs and materials may be damaged.

Thereafter, turning the mattress every two to three months ensures even wear and longer extension.


Cleaning the mattress with a vacuum cleaner can help remove dust and contamination. If the mattress is stained, you can use cold water with neutral soap or furniture cleaner.

Use less water to prevent the mattress from absorbing water or other liquids and avoid using any chemicals.


After getting up every day, remove the quilt from the mattress, let the bed contact the air, and remove the moisture.

Beauty Effect-Soy Bean Soup

Beauty Effect-Soy Bean Soup

Soy pork leg soup is called “beauty soup” and should be enjoyed by most girls.
The flavor of the soup is thick and smooth, and the pig’s feet are melted by the soft and waxy entrance of the pot. The flavor of the soup is thick and smooth and very delicious.
The most important thing is the beauty effect of this soup, because the pig’s feet are rich in collagen, and this collagen tissue is the main part to support the skin’s elasticity and vitality. Some people say that drinking this soup is like blending with collagenSo girls who love beauty will drink more of this soup.
  Ingredients: 500 grams of pig’s feet, 120 grams of soy beans, 2 tablespoons of cooking wine, 3 slices of ginger, appropriate amount of water Method: 1.
Soy beans are soaked in warm water for one hour. Wash the pig’s feet and add them to the pot. 1 tablespoon of cooking wine and 2 slices of ginger are boiled.
  2. Put pork feet, soy beans, ginger slices and cooking wine in the pot and add enough water. After the high heat is boiled, turn off the low heat and simmer for one and a half to two hours. Season with salt before the pot.