Old people, more chat, less disease

Old people, more chat, less disease

The new things in the society, the chores in life, the trivial things happening around, the old people have come across a lot of conversations, and it’s been a few hours of a chat. Wang Aunt feels very happy.

But Aunt Wang’s daughter is very disapproving. She thinks it is meaningless market chat, advises her mother to find something to do, or cultivate some hobbies, such as raising flowers and plants.

  For this phenomenon, psychologists have some other reasons: Do not look at the chat, in fact, gossip can help the elderly to regain their social life, effectively integrate into the social group, let go of loneliness, and help themBroaden your horizons.

  There is a genre in psychology. It is recognized that in the process of psychological counseling, listening and talking are the main treatment methods.

After the confidant vented his grievances and mental pains, psychological pain and disease eased most of the time.

Chatting provides a platform for the elderly to express, vent and participate.

There are also some experience in the elderly to properly exchange some fitness and health care experience, to prevent and treat diseases, and to help the elderly get more knowledge about disease prevention.

  Gossip makes the facial muscles fully exercise, so that the vocal organs, respiratory organs, hearing, and visual nerves are all exercised.

Professor Hong Zhaoguang, a well-known national health education expert, compiled a “sound therapy” song to summarize the benefits of chat communication.

“It’s wonderful to talk about treatments, and it’s effective in preventing and curing diseases.

A chat with the two sides misunderstood, two chat everyone is in a good mood, three chat can cure high blood pressure, four chat can eliminate the tumor.

The treatment is relieved and depressed, and the treatment improves the resistance.

Every day, three or four times, the family is happy and sweet.