Emergency stop!

Weight loss

Emergency stop!
Weight loss

Now many fashionable women go online to copy prescriptions to lose weight. It is recommended that patients go to the hospital for consultation before taking the medicine, because they are likely to take the medicine randomly and form habitual constipation.

  Xiao Lu was hooked on the combination of rhubarb + green tea for “diet therapy” to lose weight.

After drinking for two months, Xiaorou began to defecate several times a day and became habitual constipation. “Now I can’t get down without eating rhubarb.

“” The abuse of rhubarb causes a lot of patients with habitual constipation.

“Dr. Gao said that habitual constipation is not the most serious.” Some patients even eat kidney damage, which is too costly.

The harm of using “Xiao Fang” by yourself is not just as simple as habitual constipation.

Xiao Zhao is in his early 20s and is of medium build.

She always hoped that she would be thinner. She searched the Internet for a pure natural “cassia seed + raw hawthorn” tea recipe that many netizens admired.

After taking it for a month, Xiao Zhao felt dark before his eyes, and found out after going to the hospital that he had had hypotension.

Dr. Gao said that she also encountered a patient who had taken bezoar detoxification tablets for a long time to lose weight in the outpatient clinic. “This patient knows the manufacturers. It takes no money to eat bezoar detoxification tablets. It has become a habit for a long time.Patients with constipation are suffering.

“Many patients think that traditional Chinese medicine is non-toxic and harmless, and watching others eat” quite good “, so they copied it and took it.

Gao Jianhong said that because of the different physical constitutions, some small recipes are “good recipes” for one person, and may be “fierce recipes” for another person.

Chinese medicine pays attention to “tailoring”, so she advises everyone to be cautious even taking Xiaofangzi.

  Modern medicine believes that being too fat or too thin is not good for your health.

Xu Yuan, chief physician of the Department of Endocrinology, Chaoyang Hospital, said that if you really need to lose weight, then in the three main ways to lose weight, it is recommended that you choose diet and exercise to lose weight, do not blindly carry out drug weight loss, let alone believe in weight loss drugs and weight loss teaPublicity.

If you need to take weight-loss pills, it is best to consult a doctor in the endocrinology clinic in advance; if you need to take weight-loss pills, you must also cooperate with diet and exercise therapy, so that it is more scientific and effective.