10 details you must know for perfect sleep

10 details you must know for perfect sleep

The bedroom lighting is a three-dimensional system.

Installing spotlights on the wall and placing a table lamp on the side table can supplement the main light source in the room.

  I believe you know how important it is to have perfect sleep.

But how can we create a good sleep environment?

YOKA comes to tell you!


Perfect bedroom lighting. The bedroom is a place to sleep, so the lighting used should be an alternative to soft, warm and relaxing.

The total light source should come from the ceiling, but you can also add some auxiliary light sources according to your needs.

For example, installing a lamp above the closet can quickly find what you want.

  For your convenience, you can add a bedside light beside the bed so that you can turn on the light without leaving the bed.

If you like to read on the bed, you can install a wall lamp or a small table lamp on the bedside. The installation height should be limited to the whole book. In order to make the light softer and better, it is best to add a lampshade on it.

  Tips: 1.

Fluorescent lamps are not suitable for use in the bedroom.


The wall lamp or table lamp used in the bedroom is best to add a movable arm or lampshade, and the brake adjusts the direction of the light.

  Bedding with good feel is a guarantee of perfect sleep.


The gentle and considerate bedding is based on the individual’s physical and thermal sensations to choose the thickness of the quilt. If you are afraid of cold, you may need a warmer quilt, and vice versa.

  Quilt covers and bed sheets can be selected according to personal preferences for materials. Generally speaking, cotton products are better. When buying, pay attention to the increase in the number and density of cotton products, the more comfortable the hand feel, and the more resistant to washing.

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Should the quilt be 40 larger than the bed?
60 cm.


The duvet is usually composed of two filling materials: down and feather.

The quality of feathers is related to the size and shape of the feathers. The smaller the feather, the better. However, the warmth of the quilt has nothing to do with the weight of the feathers. At the same time, the feathers can increase the elasticity of the quilts.

Two duvets of the same weight, a duvet with a higher amount of down, has better warmth.


The duvet is suitable for drying in a more ventilated place. Because the duvet contains animal faeces, it is best not to expose it under strong sunlight. It can only be exposed for a few minutes at a time, otherwise the warmth of the quilt will be discounted.


Change your bedding at least every two weeks and wash with 60 seconds or more of water.

Quilts and pillows should also be cleaned regularly.


Do not use vacuum cleaners or carpet taps on down products, which will cause down hair to be harmful.

  You can also add more personality to your bedroom while guaranteeing a comfortable price.

For example, veil and crystal lights can add femininity to the bedroom.


The overall color match with the overall color of the bedroom is mainly based on personal preference. It is safer to use light colors (white, rice, gray, brown) as the tone, and add various patterns and sizes of jewelry (size cushions, curtains, etc.) according to personal preferences.Various ornaments, etc.) to add interest.

The advantage of light colors is that they can be easily matched with accessories, which can be decorated according to the season, and other color elements can be added with confidence.

The warm colors (red, orange, yellow) fill the interior with warmth.  At the same time, the forward direction of the room must be considered.

Cooler rooms are better for rooms facing south and sunny; warmer rooms are better for darker rooms facing north.

  Tips: 1.

Using light, monochrome series and white ceilings can “enlarge” the bedroom area, while using dark, eye-catching colors and dark ceilings make the room area significantly smaller.


Using the same color elements can enhance the sense of calm and peace.

  Putting on a soft wool rug in front of the bed will make you feel good when you get up.


Orientation of Chinese traditional bedroom “Feng Shui” Of the traditional bedroom “Feng Shui” rule, the most important thing is of course the position of the bed.

Simple judgment criteria include the following: 1.

The bedside facing the wall can stabilize your life.


The beam should not be above the bed, that is, the ceiling should be early.


The sides of the bed should be balanced.

Furniture such as bedside tables is best placed in pairs.


Pay attention to the direction of the bed and surrounding objects: if the bedroom is long and the bed is placed in the middle of the bedroom, the head of the bed should not be close to the window; there should be no mirror reflection in front of the bed;Conspicuous location.


If there are some small decorations in the bedroom, it is best to look at the meaning of the decorations: is it cute and peaceful, does it reflect family togetherness or loneliness?

  The combination of multiple types of curtains makes sleep more comfortable.

Venetian blinds can adjust the intensity of light, while dark vertical curtains can fully block the light and protect sleep from being disturbed.


Curtains that protect sleep are based on people’s different needs and habits. Pay attention to the choice of curtains: For those who need a very dark environment before falling asleep, you can use shade curtains or window stickers, linen or other thick fabrics; you can also use venetian blinds.
If you need some light when you sleep or if you like to have sunlight coming out of the window when you wake up, you can use thin curtains, or roman blinds that can be filtered; in addition, vertical curtains that can be half open are also a good choice.

  Comfortable pajamas, spoil your sleep more.


Some small details: slippers, pajamas spread a good-quality rug in front of the bed, so that the first time you wake up in the morning, you can feel comfortable; prepare a pair of comfortable slippers and a suit of pajamas for yourselfIndispensable.

  Pajamas are best selected from cotton or cotton-based synthetic fibers. The material is soft and breathable, which can reduce skin irritation.

The contradiction when choosing pajamas is the rule of fit.

In general, choose a slightly looser size to use essential oils in the bedroom, which has a relaxing effect and helps improve sleep quality.


Essential oils and aromatherapy essential oils suitable for bedroom use include chamomile, geranium, lavender, sage, lemon, etc. These essential oils have a relaxing effect, especially lavender, which can give the bedroom a relaxing aura and is very good for sleepMay help.

  You can also spray the replaced essential oil in the air and sprinkle it on the carpet.

Or use it in the process of washing, drying, storing bed linen, bed covers and other bedroom appliances.

  Healthy pillows with different heights on both sides can meet different sleep needs.


Pillows to Relieve Tiredness Pillows should be selected based on your sleeping habits.

People who are used to lying on their backs should choose a high pillow, while those who lie on their side should have higher pillows. Those who like to sleep on their backs, it is better to choose a low pillow.

  The number of pillows required is determined by the sleeping position and the curves of the head and neck and the upper part of the spine. It is recommended to use two thin pillows. When using two pillows, the bottom one should be slightly firm and the top one should be soft.
  Tips: 1.

The comfort and elasticity of down pillows can be maintained for 5 years; chemical fiber pillows are basically the same as down products depending on its fillings; the better quality silicon fibers can resist entanglement when cleaning, and can last longer.

Healthy pillows with different heights on both sides are suitable for people’s different sleeping positions: the high side is used for side sleepers and the low side is used for supine sleepers.


When sleeping, your pillow should not allow your head and body to have a large angle. Instead, keep your head and neck and chest straight.


Do not wash down products more than twice a year, chemical fiber products can be washed at will.

Make sure that the down is completely dry before use, otherwise it is easy to mold.


If you just change and change the bedding, just put the replaced bedding in a ventilated cotton storage bag. If stored in a box or other air-tight container, filled with plastic bags, it is easy to mold.

  Smaller mini speakers can be used in the bedroom.

The hanging installation makes it quick and lighter.

Stylish colors are also easier to integrate into the home.


Home stereos that play soothing music Before buying bedroom stereos, you must first consider the visible distance, and choose different types of stereos according to different distances.

In addition, for the bedroom, it is better not to use high-power audio equipment, otherwise it will damage our hearing.

Mini speakers are a good choice, and they don’t overlap too much space.

  Couples can choose their own folding mats to fit on the double bed, and then spread a mattress on the mattress to improve the quality of sleep.


Comfortable mattresses When choosing a mattress, you must consider several factors such as height, weight, and different types of mattresses: those who are tall should choose harder mattresses; those who are lighter should choose softer mattressesMattress.

The best way to find the mattress that best fits your sleeping habits is to lie down and try.

  In addition, if the spouse’s body shape is broken, you can choose the slender pads that are suitable for you and spell on the double bed, and put a bed cover on the mattress.

  For those who already have spinal problems, choose a harder mattress to keep the spine level during sleep.

  Tips: 1.

Best 8?
Replace the mattress every 9 years.


For three months after you buy a mattress, you should turn the mattress every two weeks (you should ask someone to help you when you turn the mattress, and don’t try it alone).

Do not bend the mattress, otherwise the internal springs and materials may be damaged.

Thereafter, turning the mattress every two to three months ensures even wear and longer extension.


Cleaning the mattress with a vacuum cleaner can help remove dust and contamination. If the mattress is stained, you can use cold water with neutral soap or furniture cleaner.

Use less water to prevent the mattress from absorbing water or other liquids and avoid using any chemicals.


After getting up every day, remove the quilt from the mattress, let the bed contact the air, and remove the moisture.