Pore clogging measures say no to orange peel face

Pore clogging measures say no to orange peel face

With age, have you noticed that when you look in the mirror, large pores gradually spread on the T-shaped and cheeks, the orange peel makes people look older.
Regardless of whether you are born or have pore problems caused by improper maintenance, as long as the right medicine is used, the method will benefit, and it can still be improved.
  Grease-type pores Location: T-shaped Features: The front end of the pores is blocked by oil and cuticles, making acne and sebum unable to be discharged, and white protrusions on the skin surface.
  Solution: Adjust the secretion of oil, and go to the beauty salon for purification treatment.
  Blocked pores Location: Nose, Chin U and T zones Features: Dirt and cutin on the oil will block the pores and form acne, and after the oxidation of the lipid, it will become a rough blackhead.
  Solution: Pay more attention to daily cleaning, do regular deep cleaning to remove blackheads and dirt in pores.
  Location of open pores: on both sides of the cheeks Features: aging of the skin and inadequate care on weekdays can lead to the loss of collagen, making the pores loose or oval.
  Solution: Make skin rejuvenation treatments regularly, choose products that activate cells and reduce pores.
  Grease-type pore countermeasures suck excess oil away, the only way to deal with a large amount of exuberant fat is to suck it all out!
After removing excess sebum, prevent pores from expanding again. This is the best way to deal with “grease” pores.
  The residual oil is completely sucked out of the sebum secreted by, which brings more than just waste. After repeated oil absorption, the sticky residue of oil will still adhere to the pores and enlarge the pores.
So if you want your pores to be completely invisible, choose an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory cleansing product to clean it.
  First aid lotion, SAY STOP to excess sebum!
  Mm of oily skin will find that noon is the time for oil to overflow!
If you want to avoid the embarrassment of luster, use a lotion with oil control effect to solve it. You can also use a spray to clean the surface oil, and then use an oil control lotion to suppress the luster.
  Oil-controlling lotion to enhance sebum conditioning. Many oily pores seem to have infinite shine, but in fact, this type of skin is often very dehydrated.
At this time, an oil-controlling lotion is needed, which can moisturize the cells of the muscle floor while conditioning excess sebum to solve the fundamental problem.
  巧用吸油纸,为全脸洗个澡  虽然可以用控油化妆水来去油,但不能完全消灭多余的皮脂,这时候出动吸油面纸就可以彻底吸净了,但注意一天只能用一张Oh.
  Countermeasures for clogged pores: peeling blackheads and whiteheads is the best way. The sebum and keratin remaining in the pores will eventually form blackheads or whiteheads through the “combined action” of acidification, pollution and ultraviolet rays.
To solve this type of pores, we must first separate them from the pores and then perform astringent care to achieve the ultimate goal of cleaning.
  Hard cleaning methods such as slackening pores and releasing blackheads, tear-off nose patches or blackhead sticks can easily damage our fragile pores, causing them to become larger and more terrible.
Let’s try washing out blackheads with pore cleaning products. Relax the pores first, and then let the blackheads fall off naturally.
  Worried that the nose is like a strawberry nose?
Then wipe all the blackheads!
Use a cotton pad to apply exfoliating lotion to clean the skin. This simple method can easily improve strawberry nose problems.
  Make a plan and do deep cleaning periodically!
  Once a week’s deep exfoliation is not enough to remove stubborn blackheads, we can more concentratedly apply deep cleansing or exfoliating products to the particularly obvious parts of blackheads, then gently massage with a cotton swab and rinse.
  Tightening care is the focus of reducing pores. Blackheads think it’s okay after coming out?
This can be a big mistake. After the blackheads come out, the pores will be enlarged. At this time, tight pores can be completely tightened. Open pore countermeasures 对 Close the open pores is the key!
Don’t think that only excess sebum will cause pore troubles. In fact, the main reason for the formation of open pores is dryness and aging.
When the skin loses its ability to support, the pores will become more and more “large”. If you want to “close” this type of pores, you must not forget the anti-aging and hydration.
  Shrink sagging pores and tighten!
  Acidification and aging will make the skin sag and lose elasticity.
When the skin around the pores also loses its elasticity, the pores will open up and appear relaxed.
Choosing a product with firming and anti-aging effects can ameliorate this problem.
  Hydrates + Essence to tighten large pores!
  For the large pores left by dryness or acne, we should choose the dual “offensive” of lotion + serum to solve.
After applying the lotion to replenish moisture, add a nourishing firming essence to nourish it for better improvement.  Decreasing the skin temperature and reducing the surface temperature of the pore cold shrinkage can also drive the pores to shrink.

The hydrating products can reduce the temperature of the skin surface, and at the same time replenish the pores with water, so as to shrink the pores.

In addition, the regular hydrating spray can solve the pore blockage at any time.

  Double cold compress to completely tighten pores!

  After cleansing, gently insert a large area of pores with an ice towel to become sedated; and then apply the cold-stained cotton pads to the surface. Such a double cold compress method will surely converge the open pores.