The holy product of honey beauty

The holy product of honey beauty

Women are very afraid of getting old. All the purpose of women’s beauty is to make themselves slower and slower.

So women are always desperately looking for anti-aging beauty products.

And we all know that honey is the longest shelf life food in the world.

Honey beauty is also a method often used by many women.

  Afraid of you, you know that the large amount of antioxidants contained in honey can also fight aging!

Generally speaking, the glucose and fructose in honey are very rich, can be absorbed by the stomach and intestines, can reduce the burden of digestion in the stomach, and is an excellent daily drink or seasoning.

Recently, the latest research by the University of Illinois (Journal of Beekeeping Research) found that the common edible honey contains many antioxidants that are effective in preventing diseases, and darker honey contains lighter honey.high!

  The so-called “antioxidant substances” refers to a general term for a group of compounds that can neutralize harmful free radicals produced by the normal metabolism of the human body to prevent the occurrence of diseases. This substance has been widely found in natural substitutions. The most famous isVitamin C, Vitamin E, have long been the face of beauty anti-aging, and recently discovered green tea, Portuguese wine and pine bark are also rich in such substances. Researchers believe that because honey comes from plants, so the honey in honeyAntioxidants are also substances contained in these natural plants. It is estimated that about 20 different types of honey are collected and then analyzed by chemical analysis. This indicates that the antioxidants contained in honey vary from place to place.Deep honey has a higher content, and the difference in content between different honeys can be as much as 20 times.

  Since the ancient Greek medical ancestor Hippocrates, it has been regarded as a magical medicine by many different civilizations, and propolis, beeswax and other products are richer in a variety of antibacterial substances and are regarded as strong antibacterial agents and health food.The discovery made a note of the efficacy of honey.

Finally, Sherry wants to remind readers that although honey is a very recommended food, it is not very suitable for feeding babies, because many natural honeys contain Clostridium botulinum bacteria. Adult stomach acid can kill these bacteria.But babies don’t necessarily have enough stomach acid to kill these bacteria, so be careful.